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Be a better boyfriend

11 June 2018

Not the type of article you expect to see on a London escort agency website we know, but there is a method in this madness. If you’re a single man, you’ll be a better boyfriend when you do finally get attached. Also, if you currently have a girlfriend, this article will help keep your escort activities off the radar because you’ll be such a very good boyfriend! So you see, it works for everyone! Besides, we all like to treat our women nicely right? Whether she’s an escort or a girlfriend.

Don’t forget the anniversaries!

Never forget when you first met, what you were doing, what she was wearing etc. etc. This is of paramount importance if you currently have a girlfriend. If you have yet to meet one, make sure you take many mental pictures of what happens when you meet them! Woman have so many anniversaries that it would be futile to list them all here. The first time you met, first time you kissed, first time you slept together etc. the list goes on. Our London escorts have confirmed this much to us, so we know what we’re talking about here guys!

Be honest

Don’t always tell your woman what you think she wants to hear. She doesn’t need you to tell her that she looks fabulous every time she wears a new outfit, she can get all the adoration and affirmation she needs from her Facebook likes! Only say something if you really mean it. That’s the key. If she has a new pair of jeans and you think her ass looks spectacular in them, then tell her. What we mean here is that she doesn’t need you to boost her ego all the time, at every given moment and opportunity. Your insincerity will stand out like a sore thumb if you do this, and this will make your genuine compliments have much less impact.

Put up with them!

Our London escorts told us this one, and we have to admit it’s pretty funny. This is especially funny since we’ve just told you to be honest! Alright, not totally honest. What we’re referring to here is their habits and hobbies etc. They may like to watch “Love Island” or something equally as ridiculous on the TV, so you just put up with it. They may leave their dirty knickers on the bathroom floor, but you just put up with it. Because after all, it’s nice to have a girlfriend, right? And she arguably puts up with a lot of stuff from you. Or when you get one, she surely will!

Don’t have hang ups about their exes

Never, ever worry about her ex lovers. This is the ultimate turn off. We’ve had escorts at the agency before that have complained about their clients having hang ups about their other clients. This is ridiculous to say the very least, since these women see men for a living. It’s a massive turn off they tell us and it only makes their date less enjoyable. The same can be said for dating in general. You simply don’t talk about her ex, unless it’s pertinent to the conversation, and then you certainly don’t have anything to say about her previous sex life!

Be dependable

This means be someone she can talk to, someone that offers sound, solid advice and doesn’t dismiss her feelings on anything. Be there when you say you’re going to be there. Be on time, be appreciative, be a provider, make time for your relationship. Overall, be someone she can depend on. If you have yet to get a girlfriend, you can still do this. It’s a quality that women look for. Make commitments early on, even when dating, and honour them, stick to them and do them well. If you plan to meet them for a drink after work at a certain time, begin by being bang on time, dressed to impress and ready. It says a lot to a woman that she means this much to you.