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Becoming a London escort

5 April 2015

There's a lot to be said for becoming a popular London escort. However, we're not going to go into the benefits of this career, you've more than likely decided that already. We are going to tell you just what will be expected from you…

Firstly, having mentioned the word "career" it's important that you take this career seriously because that's precisely what it is. If you do indeed want to become an high class London escort you need to focus on your career with a lot of effort; if you don't you will end up at a lower class and perhaps not represented by the right London escort agency for you.

London escorts attributes

We decided to make the following criteria really quite strict, simply because at our agency in particular we insist on the best of the best and we grow tired of entertaining applications from those who simply do not meet even the minimum requirements for becoming a professional London escorts. Please check through the list and if you still think you have what it takes we are sure any escorts agency in London would be glad to have you: Become London agency escort

    • Flawless and natural beauty

    • Fit, trim and well-proportioned figure

    • Have a good general level of intelligence

    • Have fluent English language skills

    • Be able to converse on a number of levels

    • Be attentive to your client

    • Be prepared to travel

    • Be able to handle any social or business event

    • Be always perfectly dressed and groomed

Specialist London escort skills

When it comes to escorting in London however, even the criteria you've read above may not always be enough to help you succeed where others have failed. This is why, we among many other agencies, like to represent escorts with special skills. The perfect example for us obviously is that the beautiful young escort we list all have excellent massage skills and thoroughly enjoy doing it your job. Have a think about any special abilities or skills you have before you apply to any agency; it might just get you registered with one of the best agencies in the city!

Getting the right agency for representation

As we mentioned earlier, it's incredibly important to get the right London escorts agency. This needs to be done by applying to the high class escorts websites out there first. If you firmly believe that you have what it takes from the list of qualities above, you will need to aim high in the beginning. The best escort agencies in London will only ever represent the best London escorts; this is how it should be and how it always will be.

If you like the idea of becoming a companion on our website then go to our employment page and sign up…