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Being alone is the new thing!

3 September 2018

Everyone is breaking up these days. It’s either someone you know well, or some celebrity couple isn’t it? But you know, it’s not such a bad thing. It may have been frowned upon 20 years or more ago, but not anymore. As long as you’re happy doing what you do, it really shouldn’t concern anyone else. Besides, when you do need female company (and you do need female company), you can always book a beautiful escort to satiate that.

Avoiding temptation

The thing is however, despite it being more socially acceptable to be single these days, it does appear as though the world is against you sometimes. By that we mean that there are countless dating options for you if you give in to your loneliness. The various apps and websites promise you love and companionship, only a click or a swipe away. And we all know that whilst the prospect of that sounds very nice, it’s never as easy as that to achieve. You still need to do the hard work. Getting to know someone takes time, even it you’re just looking for a casual hook up!

Take control of your urges

No, we’re not talking about sexual urges. We all know there’s a veritable “pornado” available to consume you at any time on the internet, so that should be kept well in check. The other urges are simply those that tell you to reach out to someone in an effort to be loved or cared for. Talk to a friend and/or go out and about when these urges hit you. And remember, there’s no shame in feeling sorry for yourself from time to time either. We’ve all drank a bottle of wine in front of the mirror before! The other way of course is to book a London escort to keep you company and pamper your ego somewhat. Sometimes all you need is to feel as though you are still able to connect with women.

Remember what you can do on your own

When you’re on your own you are encouraged to try harder to achieve all you desire to be; if only because there is no “significant other” to do the encouraging for you. You’re able to do what you want, wherever you want, with whoever you want, and without judgement from anyone else. We are a more independent, somewhat fractured nation these days, but it’s time we stopped viewing that as a problem and more of a cause for celebration!

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