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Book a dominant escort to get you back on track

3 March 2018

Sometimes men lose their way. Let's face it's, it's true. They hold powerful positions at work, they have an active social life etc. and they can sometimes end up leaning towards disrespecting women a little. It happens, so let's face it and stop worrying about offending people!

If you work in a predominately male sector, or most of the powerful executives etc. are men, you probably don't even physically see women in an empowering way. And we're not talking about your opinion here, just to reiterate. We're talking about only seeing women in lesser roles. It still happens today and it still happens in London of all places. Well sometimes, men need to touch base with a dominant woman from time to time. And if they're not getting put in their place and brought back down to earth at home, that woman needs to be a professional who can do it quickly and efficiently.

A BDSM London escort

We don't necessarily mean booking a BDSM London escort that dresses in leather high heeled boots and whips the hell out of you. We'll come to that. What we mean is a dominant mistress that will take the lead and tell you what to do for a change and insist upon your adherence to her ways and insist upon your utmost respect for her. Now it's important to understand that you can't get this from any escort who is just pretending to be like that for the purposes of your booking and to get your money. This has to be an escort who is actually good at this part of their job, someone who enjoys it, and someone who totally subscribes and believes in the power play transfer process.

Power play?

This is often why high-powered men will book a BDSM London escort from time to time. They like to be controlled for once. It helps ground them, as well as turn them on of course. Some men even see it as a type of therapy, and this is perfectly understandable depending on your history etc. Doing this can help a high-powered businessman respect those female employees at his company a little more, and much less likely to be inappropriate or disrespectful. In short, it could save his job!

We won't go too far into what they actually do, mainly because we don't know what they do. We're not escorts, we just run an agency that represents them. However, we can point you in the direction of a BDSM London escort who can help!