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Butterfly Touch guide to massage parlours!

28 March 2018

If you’re in the market for a London escort, then you’ve more than likely experienced a massage parlour. Either that, or you’ve thought about it. If you’re thinking about booking an escort or a masseuse, allow us to save you some time and tell you to book one of our girls. It makes more sense.

Massage parlours come in two types: good ones and bad ones. We feel that it’s our job to help you differentiate between the two if you insist on getting a massage. We are of course talking about a “sensual” massage here, and not the type you get if you’ve pulled your hamstring whilst playing Saturday morning football with your mates!

The bad parlours

The bad parlours are usually the ones where there’s actually a girl standing on the street handing out flyers. This is common in China Town in London at the moment. Sadly most of the bad parlours are Asian massage places. They don’t spend much time on you at all. They simply want your money and then they’ll give you the “happy ending” and want you out the door. There may well be exceptions to this of course, we wouldn’t want to speculate too much.

The good parlours

The good parlours are usually those that specialise in tantric massage. There are a number of these in London and you can locate them with a simple Google search we’re sure. We hesitate to give you any links to them for two reasons: we don’t want to be held responsible for a bad massage, and our girls actually offer pretty good sensual massages themselves!

The best possible way to discover where the finest parlours are in London, is to consult a review site. Make sure it’s an independent review site. Don’t pay any attention to much of what you read on the parlours own website; not all of it will be true. If you read an independent review for a masseuse, or indeed a London escort, it’s most likely to be genuine.

You can get a good sensual massage from a London escort

Indeed, some of our companions offer great sensual massage services. You should be able to see details on their individual profiles about their services, but if you need to ask any questions about what your London escort will and won’t be able to provide, just call us and we will do our best to answer any questions.