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Can you love a London escort?

5 September 2017

Well, of course you can, it just depends on what “type” of love we’re talking about, and the depth of that love. We’re going to talk a little today about just how much we all need love and how you can get what you need from a London escort

Love is always a wonderful thing, but like all things, it fades over time. That is unless you get your love in small doses. If you get love in small doses, it’s almost always very passionate, meaningful and lasts longer. We’re talking of course about having a relationship here and not booking a London escort.

Monogamy works best when you’re apart

If you’re going to have a relationship with anyone, it really does work best of all if you don’t spend too much time with them. Studies have shown that those couples who live in each other’s pockets are far more likely to separate than those that live in separate homes and lead separate lives.

Couples who have more of their own space, and are allowed their own lives, will come together more passionately every time, and their relationship is likely to last. This is because both parties are usually really looking forward to seeing each other and every encounter is exciting or there is something planned to do.

Can you be monogamous with a London escort?

Well, you can, sure. But we wouldn’t count on them doing the same! London escorts, by the very nature of their career choice, enjoy the company of many different men. This is what they do, but it doesn’t mean that they can’t devote themselves entirely to the man they are with. With a London escort, it’s not like having an affair. She’s not likely to be sitting there on her phone texting another man to arrange a secret meeting. She’s already done that with you (in a roundabout way!), so she’s really got what she wants and she’s being paid!

We do not recommend monogamy

We don’t recommend that you get tied down to any one person anyway to tell the truth. In our experience, it’s quite rare these days that relationships last, whether you’re in each other’s pockets or not. At the risk of sounding quite negative about the whole thing, it’s only a matter of time before the two of you decide there is something better out there for you, or you just lose interest.

This is why we recommend booking escorts. When you hire your companion, you are enabled to stay alone for as long as you like, without being lonely. You have your family and friends, you just need that intimate type of relationship. You need the care and affection of a woman. The girl friend experiences that you can get from London escorts these days really are phenomenal, so if you haven’t tried it yet, it may just change the way you think about life.

Yes, you can love a London, but only for the time you’ve booked her!