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Dating in London: Why bother? Book London escorts!

4 August 2017

We should perhaps explain our conclusion in the title. We have just told you to book London escorts, so there has to be a reason why dating in London is so difficult. It’s harder here in London than anywhere else in the country.

London is like a different country when you compare it to the rest of the country. We suppose that some of what you read will be applicable to the rest of the country, or indeed the world, but we’re saying that it’s particularly bad in London.

Technology getting in the way

Do you ever get frustrated that people won’t just talk on the phone? Or are you one of those that won’t do it? Either way, it makes it very difficult to date someone when you don’t speak to them on the phone. Really, all this messaging and texting doesn’t allow you to really know how someone is feeling. It’s much better to hear someone’s voice to hear the sincerity in it etc. London is awful for this sort of behaviour. It’s mainly because people are so busy, or they’re just trying to hide what they’re doing and who they’re with etc. Our London escorts are always texting of course, but this is usually to do with bookings, so we can’t complain too much about messaging, but then we’re not dating them!

Frightened of being recognised

This is the new one thanks to all the dating apps, and of course it’s even more paranoia inducing in a city like London. You don’t want to be walking through Central London and have someone staring at you because they saw you on Tinder the night before! Again, do away with all that nonsense and the dating apps, and simply book London escorts to satiate your need for human contact!

London is expensive!

Make no mistake about it. You thought that some London escorts were expensive? Well, they’re nowhere near as expensive as dating in the capital, not by a long shot! Think about how much it costs just to meet up for drinks in London. You know what it’s like, there’s really no need for us to explain any more surely? Now when you consider that the average price of a London escort is between £150-200 an hour, you can’t really compare can you? Especially when the end result of your date is always good!

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