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Dealing with your girlfriend’s parents

26 January 2017

If you have a woman in your life that you really like, you’re probably going to have to win over her parents. Well, you can thank your friendly neighbourhood London escort agency for the advice you’re about to read…

Countless comedy movies have been made on the back of this problem. Look at “Meet the Parents” for prime example. Although we sincerely hope you don’t get a father in law like Robert de Niro’s character! But we digress, let’s get to the point.

Making them like you

Well, it kind of goes without saying that you should never mention that you book London escorts, or if you haven’t, don’t even tell them that you read this article on this website. Best to stay clear of that subject!

  • Dress up, but don’t overdo it! You don’t want to overshadow her father, so be careful.
  • Flirt with her mother, but be tasteful. Making her mother feel good will only go in your favour. She’ll be able to win over the father in the end, so build allies!
  • Stay for a while, but don’t overstay your welcome. On the other end of the scale, don’t be in and out just to show your face. They need to get a handle on you and find out what type of man you are.
  • Don’t lie. This is important, because you’ll get found out. On the other hand, don’t be so honest that you tell them stuff that they’ll disapprove of.
  • Her dad is better than you. This is the story you need to tell yourself. Give way to him in discussions and accede with pretty much everything he says.
  • Don’t drink anything other than the wine at dinner!
  • And if you’re the father?

    This is a different matter entirely of course, especially if you’ve just read all this and had a little chuckle to yourself. You’re now thinking, some asshole is going to be doing all this to show off to me!” Yes, he is, but consider that you were amused by what you read. If you are the father of a beautiful young woman, she is sure to get male interest. This is inevitable. So allow us to impart a little advice. If you want to keep a good relationship with your daughter, let him get away with it. Let him overdo it when he visits, and don’t give him a hard time. Your daughter will thank you for it, and what’s even more important is that she’ll come back to you when he fucks up! Remember that you’re older and wiser and you can handle it.

    If it all gets too much for you, book a London escort and be done with it!