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Don't cry into your Lasagne for one! Book London escorts from Butterfly Touch!

4 March 2016

We're kidding of course! And we don't mean any offence if you actually do cry into your ready meals at the end of each day. But whether you do or not, that can all stop, because we have one of the most exciting and affordable London escort agencies in the city, and it's just a phone call away!

Let's begin by saying that there's nothing wrong with being single, as long as you can get company when you reach those moments when you really crave company. Single is liberating, it's fun and it's important to be single these days. We're all too busy to live our lives for someone else to be perfectly honest. Don't get us wrong however. Yes, we run the best London escorts agency, but we're not totally without feeling and faith in love etc. If you find that one person that really does it for you, then that is a truly remarkable experience. We're just realistic in the belief that this doesn't happen often. And, let's face it, there's really no need to hang around being lonely and sad until you do find the one, right?

Live your life with London escorts

The best thing about booking London escorts will always be their availability and the fact that there are never any strings. All you need is some cash and some free time, and most of you who read this blog have those things. If you don't, might we suggest that you get your female company through the screen of your computer monitor and browse PornHub or something! If you believe that you're worth a little more than simply Googling porn when you're lonely, read on!

Affordable female company from Butterfly Touch

It's mostly about being affordable these days in the escort industry, we're not stupid. This is the reason we do better than some of those silly agencies that attempt to charge you in access of £500-600 per hour for an escort in London! WOW! That's a lot of money to pay for the company of a woman, especially when you can get escorts at less than half of this price.

We offer our beautiful London escorts from only £150! And for that money you get something a little better than what you'll get from any other agency in the city. This includes those "high class" ones that claim they're the best in London. We can tell you this much for free. They do not… Repeat, do not offer London massage escorts. Meaning that Butterfly Touch are one of the few agencies in the city that actually specialise in tantric massage practices; along with everything else of course!

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