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Don’t be a dick!

22 April 2018

You can practice how not to be a dick with our London call girls if you like, but the most important thing about this article is for us to tell you just what it is that makes you a dick in the first place…

Your popularity at home, at work and in your love life is all based on your behaviour. It has nothing to do with your looks or money etc. it’s all about your personality. This is why we always insist on recruiting girls that are charismatic and fun to be with. Yes they’re beautiful, but they wouldn’t be nearly as popular if they were unlikable.

Top mistakes

Here are a few mistakes you can make. All of these things will make you a dick, make no mistake about it:

  • Don’t be a name-dropper! We’ve all met those people who can’t resist telling others who they’ve met, worked with or know on a personal level etc. They’re intolerable, and they’ll use anything in a conversation just to let you know how lucky they are, or how their life has changed because they once met Chris sodding Tarrant! Don’t be like this!
  • Rude phone behaviour. This never fails to make you a dick. The worst ones are those who take a call or answer a text message during a conversation. Then there are those who are constantly glancing at their phone or picking it up to switch it on in case they’ve had a message from someone. All this says to the person you’re with is that you’re not really interested in anything they have to say!
  • Pay attention to others. Don’t be one of those people who can’t wait to say the next thing when you’re having a conversation. It shows the other person that you couldn’t care less what they have to say and you only want to talk about yourself. Ask questions about the other person and about what they’re saying.
  • Don’t be over serious. Being too serious about everything will almost always make you a dick! You may need to relax a little and look at life a little more humorously. No-one likes being around people who can’t take a joke, or those that get too easily offended. If you’re in need of help to have fun, we happen to know a great number of popular London escorts that can help you there!
  • Stop bragging. Everyone hates people who brag. But you know what’s worse than that? Those people who pretend they’re not bragging, or they brag and then become all humble about it and play it down. It’s all a vie for attention, and it’s classic “dick behaviour”.

Booking our London escorts

If you are a dick, you’re fortunate enough to have so many female London escorts available to you that don’t mind putting up with you! After all, they don’t have to put up with you for very long do they? Besides, they love what they do and they’re very tolerant. You could perhaps practice not being a dick with our girls? You’d be amazed how they can change your behaviour!