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Eating alone in London – Our top choices

23 March 2017

We’re not always able to get a date right? This is arguably the reason why you’re here reading this post on a London escort website of course. So we thought we’d be especially kind and tell you about some of the hottest spots to eat when you’re alone.

We’re not always about telling you to book company. We are well aware that eating alone, or doing anything alone, can be highly beneficial. You can think about certain things more clearly, you can get more work done, you can be overall more focused. So it’s with this in mind that we’re suggesting the following restaurants. And just because you’re on your own, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your taste buds!

  • Bocca di Lupo – 12 Archer Street. This place is quite expensive, so it’s probably a good thing you’re not planning on booking a London escort to dine with! It’s great food in a great atmosphere, but what makes this place suit the solo diner is that it’s at the counter seating. When you’re sitting at a counter you never feel too alone right? You can also sit and watch the chefs and perhaps strike up a conversation if you wish.
  • 40 Maltby Street – It’s basically a wine bar, but the good is pretty good and very reasonably priced. We’ve been told about this by one or two of our massage escorts. If they like going there, it’s got to be good. These escorts do know a little about dining out!
  • The Palomar – 34 Rupert Street. This place is actually the perfect social choice for the solo diner, as well as being a really cool place to take a date. This is because you’re never really alone. It’s an intimate environment where you can’t help but interact with those around, including the chefs. The friendly nature of the staff make it a place that you’re going to want to go back to time and time again.

You know you don’t have to be alone don’t you?

Butterfly Touch will always be there for you if you’re on your own. Sometimes it’s a good idea to eat alone and sometimes it’s not. We understand either way. But if you’re planning on having dinner out and you just don’t want to be alone, there’s no harm in booking some London escort company is there? Looking into the eyes of a beautiful young woman, rather than pretending to read your phone or a newspaper, simply has to be preferable!

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