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Escort Etiquette: The basics

18 March 2015

We thought it prudent to give you some idea of what our London call girls expect from you in return for their time, attention, and if you're lucky, affection…

It is actually all about making your time with the London escort you choose as exciting and as enjoyable as humanly possible, and you won't get this if you don't treat her right! Who on this earth is going to want to be nice to you, no matter how much you're paying them, if you're going to be a hideous creature when it comes to presenting yourself and entertaining?


Please be on time. It's only polite to stick to the time you've chosen if the agency call girl you've booked has agreed it. You are not the only important person in the world. On busy days good escort agencies leave 30 minutes between bookings. If you're going to be late you may well interfere with other bookings making it hard for the agency to contact later clients and get them to move their time slot.

Also, some London escorts work for a number of agencies and they may well have to inform them about any delays. So you can appreciate we're sure that when you're ten minutes late it creates a world of trouble for a load of other people who you couldn't probably comprehend. If you're going to be late, or you're not going to show, for goodness sake please call the agency and let us know.


None of our female London escorts are expecting Christian Grey of course, but it's nice for them if they meet clean and respectable gentlemen. These aren't $50 whores we're talking about here! The girls we represent (indeed most agencies in the London area represent) are high class escorts, beautiful and very talented individuals.

Most of you like to come to nice and clean environment and you expect the companion you have chosen to be perfectly groomed and dressed to impress etc. but it's important that you follow your own expectations here. If you want your London escort to get "close" to you in specific ways then you're going to have to make an effort to make sure every inch of your body is clean and smelling rosey!

Gentlemanly behaviour

There is a rather strange assumption that runs through some clients' minds. They seem to be under the impression that London escorts are in fact robots, there to do their every bidding without question. This of course is a huge load of rubbish, and the quicker all clients get this through their heads the better in our opinion. You need to be a gentleman at all times, regardless of circumstance.

In particular, if there is a service you would like from your chosen companion, the polite thing to do would be to ask and not to simply expect. It's important to get these things cleared up and out of the way at the beginning of your booking too, rather than create a problem during. Of course, you can make all these questions known to our receptionists, or actually take the information from the girls' individual bios on the site.

Choose your beautiful London escorts now and   Have a wonderful time!