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Forget all you think you know about escorts

28 August 2017

Escorts have been getting a pretty bad reputation sadly. They’re somehow considered a lower standard of person by some and it’s quite distressing that we allow these judgemental folks to influence our opinions. So we’d like to make a few things a lot clearer, and hopefully some of you will spread the word too.

Escorts are people too!

This is by far the most fundamental thing that people need to realise about escorts. They are women with a career at the end of the day. Their career consists of spending time with different men in exchange for money. This is in much the same way as you or anyone else works. We do a task, offer a service, make something, or perhaps something else, all in the pursuit of money and relative happiness. Not everyone enjoys their job by the way, but you’ll find that the vast majority of escorts are among the select few that actually do!

What is it that bothers some people?

What bothers most people who have a negative opinion of escorts, is just what they do when they spend time with their clients. Well, in all fairness to escorts, and without speaking a word of a lie, it’s none of anyone else’s business. It’s not even our business! We don’t claim to know, and we don’t really want to know to be honest. We hear things, the same as anyone else, but it’s not our business to ask questions or attempt to control what a London escort does under any circumstances.

Some escorts have other jobs

These are mostly those who escort predominantly for enjoyment purposes. There are a hell of a lot of women in London who offer escort services. When you think about it, there would probably be many more if others were not so down on the whole industry. It’s not too far removed from going on a date with a stranger is it? Except that the escort is getting paid. We’re betting that there’s an enormous number of women out there that wish they’d been paid to spend time with some of the dates they’ve had!

They don’t need rescuing!

This is a common problem in the escorting community. Some clients believe that the girls they go to see, or invite to their hotels, are in need of an escape route from escorting! They seem to believe that the girls can’t stop doing it, or they’re somehow being controlled by the agency that represents them. Allow us to tell you, quite clearly, this is simply not the case. But please, be our guest, go ahead and ask them. You might not like the reply however. You see, most London escorts find it quite insulting that some of their clients believe they don’t have the free will to choose what they want to do and are perhaps judging them (especially when they’ve booked them!)

Remember to treat your escorts like real people, because they are!