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Get an assisted shower with a beautiful London escort this summer

3 June 2019

Gentlemen, we have something important to tell you. When you book our beautiful London escorts this summer, you will have to take a shower. Well, to be honest with you, you should take one on every visit, but we realise that it’s at the discretion of your chosen girl. This is dependent on circumstance of course, we are well aware. We know that you could have had one just before you left for your appointment. But still, if you are asked to do so, just do it.

But the summer is very different. Everyone should take a shower regardless of circumstances, whenever they get the opportunity. In this summer heat you can get hot and sweaty just walking around the corner. And we are also aware that some clients have a shower before they arrive, yet neglect to put on a clean shirt afterwards. This just means that you need another shower guys. Surely you should know this by now!

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You would expect the same

You wouldn’t even want to sit next to an escort girl if she hadn’t had a shower and freshened up, we’re certain. And they don’t like it either. Our female London escorts take very good care of themselves and they shower before every booking. They make sure they smell nice, their legs are shaved and do everything else you would expect a regular date to do prior to meeting with their man. Because that’s what it’s about guys, just like dating. These professional London escorts are your temporary girlfriends. Enjoy yourself, but look after your hygiene.

Have a think about what your wife or your girlfriend would say (not too much though!) They would tell you get your ass in the shower because you “stink”. Fortunately, most of our top London escorts we represent are offering an assisted shower as part of their escort services. So, why not taking advantage of it and have a sexy shower together? Surely, you will enjoy being washed by sexy naked girl and even get naughty shower play... We don’t need to tell you more really.

So, don’t be shy, ask for assisted shower but check escort’s service list first to make sure she is offering such service.

Now all you need to do is one of our best London escorts gallery that’s suitable for you!