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Get yourself a “take charge” attitude

1 May 2018

You’ve probably heard how women like powerful men. So it will come as no surprise that we’re writing this article to help you achieve a more “take charge” approach to your dating like. Your favourite London escort agency always has some good advice!

If you’re struggling then it has to be worth a shot anyway right? Of course, we could be preaching to the choir and you may well have this covered and just fancy booking London escorts once in a while. If this is the case, then good for you.

If there’s anything we have come to learn, it’s that even the most powerful and/or dominant men can’t be the same with every woman; it simply doesn’t work. This is why so many powerful men choose to be dominated by specialist escorts. Sometimes it’s just a case of feeling something different! It’s worth noting at this point that we do have a number of BDSM London escorts who specialise in BDSM etc. so have a browse in the gallery and read through the profiles.

Your plan to take charge

Having a take charge attitude is something that isn’t just achieved overnight, it’s something that has to be developed and sharpened overtime. And it also has to become quite literally a “way of life”. It has to seep into everything you do, with everyone and everywhere you go.

Physically powerful

This does not mean that you have to hit the gym and look like a bodybuilder (although it can’t hurt with some ladies), it’s a state of mind. It’s in the way you sit, the way you stand and the way you walk into a room. The reason we say it’s a state of mind is that if you start believing you are this powerful person and adopt a subtle type of arrogance (be careful here though!) then the swagger and stance etc. will surely follow. Walk into every room like you’ve been there before and like you know everyone in it. Don’t be brutish, look people in the eye, don’t fidget and fiddle with your phone etc. The way you stand is also very important. Stand with your legs slightly apart, stand at ease, and stand tall with your head high.

Be proud of what you do

It doesn’t matter what you do for a living, or for pleasure, just own it! Tell yourself you’re the best person who does that job, maintain that state of mind. You will come across as strong, content and confident. These are all qualities that will make you the “take charge” guy; or at least portray that image. All of our London escort girls would agree that much we’re sure.

Be assertive

This is the crux of the plan, so to speak. You need to be assertive in assertive in everything you do; especially in front of the ladies. Be up front and prompt to be the one that pays, to show your dominance, but don’t be afraid to question what you are paying. A “take charge” man doesn’t allow himself to get ripped off, and he certainly doesn’t put up with anything substandard. Don’t be rude if you’re not happy with your food or wine in a restaurant, but don’t be afraid to get it replaced. This kind of thing really does impress the ladies, and our London escorts love a man who knows what he wants.

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