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Getting what you need from your London escort

11 June 2017

We don’t profess to know what goes on between a London escort and her client when they’re alone together, and we don’t even want to guess. But we do know plenty about getting that basic human need from a companion.

What goes on between an escort and her client is a matter of privacy between two consenting adults and what they decide to do. We operate in an introductory capacity only, representing the girl and putting her in touch with the client who wishes to spend time with her. We have to remember of course that these young women are vibrant, sexy and excitable creature, and they’re bound to get carried away now and again. But this would perhaps depend on the company they keep of course!

You need companionship from your London escort

Whether you know it or not, we do. The most fundamental thing about seeing a London escort is the fact that you’re getting the company of a lovely young woman. Not to mention that she’s a professional young woman, who is well used to spending time with men in a companionship capacity. They’re all highly experienced at entertaining and putting their clients first. They are well aware that a client is more than likely coming to see them because they’re lonely, and they may well sometimes be down or upset. Whilst the London escorts we represent are not by any shake of the dice, counsellors, they are very good at cheering their clients up in the sometimes very brief time they are afforded.

Special skills

We are permitted to tell you about some of the London escorts’ special skills however. Many of the girls at Butterfly Touch are incredibly talented masseuses. This isn’t common with many escort agencies in London to be honest, but we didn’t start out to be representing escorts in the beginning you see. The girls we have who do wonderful sensual massages, have simply been with us for many years and have evolved to offer full London escort services. There’s really nothing like having a nice massage to relax you when you’ve been having a particularly rough week, or even a rough day.

Want to know something? Ask us!

If you want to know anything about the girls, or whether or not they do indeed offer any sensual massage services, simply call us at the agency and our friendly receptionist should be able to help you out. If there’s something we’re not sure about, we’ll just ask the girl in question and get straight back to you.

Go and check out all the girls in the gallery now and choose your favourite!