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How not to get tied down!

12 September 2018

We're talking figuratively here of course. No, it's not an escape guide for all you BDSM fans out there! Today we're going to help you. Your favourite London escort agency is going to tell you how to avoid getting "snagged," for want of a better word, by the ladies

Now, we're not assuming that you're Brand Pitt, or otherwise highly desirable and physically gorgeous, so that all women want you. Because the truth of the matter is that you really don't have to be. These days with the state of marriage and the dating community the way they are, you only have to smile at an available woman to catch her interest in some cases. It all depends on the women in question of course.

Want to stay single?

We should ask you really. Simply because you could actually be out there looking for a woman, and you might actually want to get tied down (figuratively). If that is the case, allow us to let you in on a little secret. Women don't get attracted to desperate looking men, so stop looking!

But if you do want to stay single, it's important to look out for the moves that these women will make. At least with a London escorts you won't ever need to face this problem, unless of course you are actually Brad Pitt!

Family planning

By far the most insidious among their techniques is the desperate woman's use of pregnancy to ensnare her man. It takes a very cruel, very damaged and arguably deranged woman to do this. And whilst these sort of women are rare these days, they're still there and you won't have a clue that this is how they feel. In fact in some cases, they don't even set out to do this, but use it as last resort option to keep hold of you. If you're not ready to be a family man, use protection and suit up! And don't let them convince you otherwise!

Moving in

Under no circumstances should you move in with a woman you're seeing, or allow her to move in with you. Not unless you are prepared to never get rid of her! We're actually not joking here. The amount of men our London escorts have met, who have a live in girlfriend and they don't know how it happened, would seriously surprise you.

It's easy to let it happen, and these women can be very tricky. She'll begin with a toothbrush and a change of clothes, then before you know it, you have floral print curtains and tie-backs! It will of course culminate with "something happening" with her own home, whereby she is required to vacate. In her mind it'll be easier to just move in with you until she finds a new place. Only thing is, there will never be a "new place". The same can be said if you get the offer to stay at her place. Before too long you'll end up enjoying the pampering and her taking care of you so much that you won't be able to resist; it's just easier to submit in these cases.

Book London escorts

By far the best way to stay single is to simply not date. If you don't date, you'll be single for as long as you want. But what about female company? You all need that! Well, you guessed it, just book one of our escorts on a regular basis and no other woman will come close. You seriously won't even be interested in other women whilst you can be with beautiful young escorts. Incidentally, our girls are a damn sight cheaper than having a girlfriend!

So do yourself a favour – Check out our gallery of gorgeous girls now!