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How to get the latest Jimmy Choos

17 June 2018

If you know what we’re talking about with that headline then you’re more than likely a woman, or a man who already has a woman that’s costing him a fortune! For those who don’t know, Jimmy Choo is a designer and famous for designer shoes. If you’re a guy reading this, then the only women you’re likely to have seen wearing these are celebrities and London escorts

Speak of which, that’s the way you get the latest Jimmy Choos! You become a London escort. No, it might not be for everyone, but if you’re a woman who likes being around men, and likes to shop until you literally drop, then escorting is for you. Not only will you be able to shop for as long as you like (when you’re not working of course!), you’ll be able to buy the expensive stuff. No more high street stores, wearing the same thing as everyone else, you’ll be in Harrods and the boutiques around Kensington and Chelsea, Mayfair etc.

Top Money for the Right Girls

The earning potential working for Butterfly Touch really is very good. To some of you it may not appear that we are the biggest, or even the best London escort agency to work with, but you’re missing one vital point. We are one most reliable and friendly agencies in London, and we’ve been offering escort and specialist sensual massage services for many years. This means that we have a very loyal client group that consistently books with us. They also love to see new girls joining the agency!

So, you see, you’re bound to make top money, especially at first! Everyone who books London escortsfrom the escort agency will want to see you, simply because you’re the new girl! And there’s nothing like being popular. You can count on many of our clients booking you again and again also if you provide them with a good service. Basically speaking, it’s a simple equation: good service equals a good wage. The same in any profession we suppose.

Recruiting now, recruiting always

This is the reason we’re always recruiting new girls. We don’t always need them, but we like to have them. Once we have a new girl at the agency, we tend to keep them because we’re good to work with, and the clients are good. So, if you would be interested in becoming one of our new London agency escorts and meeting some of our fine clients, simply fill out our recruitment form, or if you want to speak to someone you can always call us.

Join the agency that cares! Butterfly Touch!