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Is it always worth “playing away” from home?

4 February 2018

As men you get a pretty hard time we know. Most of the time when a relationship breaks down, it’s the guy that gets a hard time about it.

Well, in all truth, if you’ve cheated on your partner, you probably deserve it. However, what people don’t tend to think about is why the person cheated in the first place (whether it’s a woman or a man!) It’s always the person who played away from home that gets the blame, right? Now, we’ve learned a lot by running a London escort agency. A lot about men, and a lot about women too. We also hear a lot of stories. There are actually very valid reasons to cheat on a partner, so let’s have a look at some of them.

Reasons to play away

We’re sure you could think of plenty of reasons to play away from home, but we thought we’d give you the better ones among them. You know, help you stay a little more focused!

  • Loveless relationship. This is easier if you’re not married of course and there are no children involved. If there is simply no love for the other person there, for no matter what reason, we don’t think it’s so bad to be playing away to find an alternative.
  • Sexless relationship. Same as above, but you might want to try and address the problem with your partner. But if you are young and there’s plenty of time left for you, why hang around trying to fix things anyway?
  • She’s been playing away. Nothing like getting even gents! If you know for sure she’s been doing it, before you confront her, do a little playing away yourself. Nothing like going into battle fully armed!
  • Why you shouldn’t

    We wouldn’t be very objective if we only looked at one side of the story would we? We are renowned here at Butterfly Touch for being on the side of non-monogamous relationships. This isn’t just for the obvious reason that we run a London escort agency. We strongly believe that men and women shouldn’t have to stick with just one partner forever; we don’t think it’s natural. However, we do know that it works for some people, so here’s our list of why you shouldn’t have an affair etc. And we’re doing the best we can to be objective!

    • There’s something very special between the two of you. This is a very good reason. And although we can’t possibly give you a list of what we mean by special, because it’s different to everyone, you will simply know. If there’s something about your partner that you’ve never had with anyone else, you might want to think about it, even if lately that special thing has been vacant from your relationship.
    • If you have children. Children can survive very well in broken relationships, this is true. They are resilient. However, they do very much thrive when their parents are together. So, even if things seem very tough and hard to fix, it may be worth the extra effort. If it’s a destructive relationship, getting out of it and pursuing elsewhere, may well be the answer. But if children are involved, it may be best to simply leave first, without involving another woman just yet.

    You can always book a London escort

    When it all goes to hell, you can always book a London escort. That’s what these girls are here for. Men don’t like to be alone for long, and they don’t have to be when there are girls like this ready and available to keep them company. When you have the company of a beautiful woman, and you’ve had that part of your life alleviated for a while, you’re in a much better position to think about what you really want. Even if this is considering whether or not you want to leave your partner and/or pursue an affair with someone. Get your mind clear first gentlemen! And remember what we said earlier, it’s not always worth it!