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It's 2016! Do something meaningful this year!

16 January 2016

And no, before you immediately accuse us of telling you to book female London escorts, we're not going to! If you're on our London escort agency website, then you're probably considering that already! We're going to inspire you instead…

Do not, under any circumstances, begin the year with a bottle of beer and Netflix! There, we said it. This is not a sure way of embarking on your New Year to do something meaningful. You may well have had an email from Netflix telling you that your favourite show has added another season, but resist we tell you! Resist! You know what will happen. You'll waste the whole of January and February, and before you know it you'll be approaching the spring with a massive gut and a bad back! You'll be sufficiently entertained however, which is always nice of course!

Get some exercise like our London escorts

Alright, we'll make this achievable. Not at all like our London escorts then! The girls we represent are at the gym all the time, toning this and firming that. Hell, half of them don't even need to go to the gym to stay in shape, they're so young that they're naturally toned! Doesn't it make you sick?!
No, in all seriousness, it's never too late to take some more exercise. And we want you alive as long as possible so you can book our beautiful London escorts of course! There's our true motive, we hear you shout! You can keep yourself reasonably fit by simply skipping that cab journey, not bothering with the tube, or walking to the station in the morning instead of taking the car. Yes, you'll have to get up a little earlier, but it's hardly going to the gym is it? You'd be amazed at how much fitter you'll be, and you might save a few quid too.

Pick up a book

Yes, a book. There are some of you out there who haven't touched a book since they were in secondary school we know, but believe it or not, they still sell them. In fact, you don't even have to buy one. You can get a good book by going to the library. These are wonderful places that you may or may not be aware of. They have lots and lots of books, and you can take any book you want home with you for free! You do have to bring it back though, that's the only downside.

Before you start with your tech argument, as we've already had with some of our more tech savvy London escorts, a book is simply better than your damn Kindle! The act of going to seek out a book, choosing the book, and then sitting down to hold it and turn the pages, beats the hell out of any virtual version in our mind. Not only that, if you decide to read something now and again, other than London escort blogs and emails from your boss wondering why you haven't finished your work, you will improve the quality and capacity of your brain. Now that's an encouraging thought too right?

Make us a promise

So there you go. Two things we'd like you to promise to do for us. It's not a lot to ask is it? To get a little more exercise and to read a book. Simple! If you manage to accomplish this small task in the coming weeks, do mention that you have to one of our agency London escorts when you book them, and ask them to let us know. We'll be sure to keep you updated!

Hope you enjoyed our fun article. Now, go and look at sexy girls!