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London Escorts who massage

1 August 2019

We’re writing this brief article about our London escorts who massage too. Most of the girls at the agency are proficient in sensual massage anyway of course, it’s what we are famous for. But you should know a little about these highly talented and experience sensual masseuses, and we intend to tell you.

These are incredibly sensual women. Not just in body, or even in the way they work their magic when they give you their fantastic tantric massages. It goes much deeper than this. The very best London tantric massage specialists are very deep souls who feel things acutely. They feel others emotions and they react to them. We believe the term for this type of people is empath. Meaning that they have enormous amounts of empathy and feeling towards others and they can’t really control that. London sensual masseuses however have found a way of channelling this energy into their craft.

A truly meaningful massage

Don’t worry, they can’t read your mind or anything that drastic. But they can sense enormous stress and anxiety, and they can use these energies to find their targets and work hard to alleviate symptoms caused by them. They see deep into their clients’ soul when they begin their healing tantric massage. Anyone who has ever experienced a truly professional tantric massage will realise that the masseuse feels much of the same bliss that the client does. She becomes so very connected with her client during the process that any release felt by the client is felt by the masseuse too. This is especially so during tantric body to body massages and classic Nuru massage. It’s actually incredibly hard for a professional escort masseuse to remain disconnected from her client, no matter how hard she may try. Of course a professional would never try to separate her emotions from the massage process.

Why they become escorts

Most of the tantric massage expert girls we list have become escorts because they simply love the idea. We’re not saying that they weren’t tempted into it of course. When you have a naked man beneath you, you’re bound to feel some desires of course. As a sensual masseuse, you are likely to make some strong emotional bonds with your clients, and you are likely to want to pursue those and get to know your client a little better. And it’s not all about sex of course, as many of you will already know. So, in many cases it’s a logical progression.

Have it your way

It’s important to understand that you are not obliged to take up your masseuse on her London escorting services. You may just want a sensual massage and that’s all. This is perfectly fine. You have paid your fee and you can have it your way to a certain extent. We would say that if you only want to indulge in sensual massage, it may be best to check with us which of our girls gets the very best feedback for her naturist massage services. Whilst they are all very good, there are those that practice it more often, simply because they get the most tantric massage bookings. So it goes without saying that they’re going to be more practiced, more frequently.

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