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London escorts massage pretty good, but what else is cool in the world

19 October 2015

We know it doesn't matter what type of man you are. You could be in charge of a huge corporation, a successful banker, or someone who empties the bins, you've all got two things in common. You all love women and you all love cool stuff!

Yes, you see. We know that you're all little boys at heart! Getting an escorts massage is pretty easy these days, you can simply Google it, pick London massage escort and enjoy yourself. Finding the coolest gadgets and other stuff is a little harder however. Everyone wants to tell you what's cool, but never fear, Butterfly Touch are here to help you. We like to go Googling from time to time in order to find stuff we know you'll be interested in, and we came up with the following. Our list is inspired by GQ magazine. These are the guys to listen to when it comes to what's hot and what's not; but we're sure you knew this!

Icon E-Flyer II Electric Bike

It might not be the type of thing you'd ride around London on the way to work, and you certainly can't fold it up and carry it to the office, but if you're the type of cool cat that likes a spot of cycling at the weekend, you're going to love the Icon. You've seen The Great Escape right? Well if you have you'll be pleased to hear that this electric bike has been modelled on those old World War II motorcycles. If you saw one of these flying past, you would certainly have to do a double take to discover that it's not actually a motorcycle! We particularly like the way the lookalike engine is actually a hold to put your packed lunch!

Telluride Bamboo Watch

Doesn't sound like a practical material to make a watch out of does it? Well, it's not the most common thing to get an escorts massage really, but they're awesome of course. Most men would go to a massage parlour or something like that, but you gents know that getting one from the best London escort agency. Well, the bamboo watch by Telluride gets away with it because it's so damn exclusive we suppose. Meaning of course that there have only been a certain amount produced.

Urban Warrior Collection from Lat56

You know of course that they've reduced the size of hand luggage you can take on the plane now? We know, it's a pain, you're right. But, this little beauty is that it's the perfect size, yet you can get what you need in it. Apparently it has a "suit packing system" that will prevent your suit getting creased! That's got to be useful right? Want to look good for your London massage escorts don't you?

Well, those are just three of the very latest trends at the moment for the modern gentleman. If you like to make a little effort on yourself like this, then you're sure to appreciate luxury sensual massage service. Basically the best VIP companions in the city of London, who actually know how to give you a professional tantric massage!