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Love your London escort experience? Review it then!

31 December 2018

We love them, our London escorts love them, and we know that you love them. So, why is it that so many people don't review their services? We suppose it's something to do with time and effort, but it would be nice if you could spare a few minutes when you've had a date with one of our beautiful young companions, if you could go along to one of the better independent escort review sites and tell them how good (or bad) your experience was.

They’re really useful!

What could be better than going to an independent review website and reading a field report of a girl before you actually book her (from whatever escort agency!) Wouldn't you like to know what to expect?

London hotel visiting escorts

The independent review sites

Let’s have a little look at where you can post reviews, other than on our own website:

Those are just a few you can use to get your opinions published. You have to pay on Captain 69, but we really must say that this is an excellent place to read good reviews about escorts from all over the world. All the good London agencies and independents are members on there. You can also communicate directly with escorts and escort agencies on this site. The reviews are checked meticulously to spot fakers etc. too.

Don’t misunderstand us of course, the other websites are also very good. The Erotic Review has a hell of a lot on there and they’re generally very well trusted too. Punternet don’t seem to check reviews as much, but we’ve never seen any problems with fake reviews etc. and our own feedback on there has been generally very good. The good thing about Punternet, Punterchat and Punterlink is that they’re all free to sign up.

Review your London escorts experience on Butterfly Touch

It’s worth telling you that we publish reviews on our site. The way we see it is, if you had a bad experience with any of our professional London escorts, we want other users to know about it. On top of that, we want you to at least have a good experience with the agency. In other words, if we do everything right, from setting up the meeting to publishing your bad review. You see, it can’t be our fault if you have a bad experience with a girl, but rest assured that there are plenty of others to choose from and we appreciate your feedback.

Not that this happens often of course, our London escort models are generally very well received. So, now you realise that we publish all reviews honestly, you can book a girl based on a review left by another of our clients. There wouldn’t be much point in publishing them onsite if they were false would there?

So check out the girls and choose only reputable London escort agency