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Meet Liza – New open-minded London Escort

28 June 2019

There’s another new escort girl at the agency, and we just thought it would be nice to give her a more formal introduction and tell you a little more about our recruitment process and preferences. The great thing about Butterfly Touch is that we are not an escort agency that insists on listing every single girl that comes along. This is because most of them only stay for a few weeks (or months at most) and then they disappear. When we add a new girl, they tend to stick around for a while. We are also keen on representing girls who do not always post themselves on all the escort agencies in London.

These types of girls are not as popular as girls that stick around. Not for our regular clients. Some of our regular escort hobbyists like to pick the same few girls each time they book. And some of them book only one girl, sometimes even on a schedule. We love clients like this, and our girls love having regulars who they know well. They know how best to please them, they know more about them and they can fully relax too. There’s a lot to be said for familiarity when it comes to the London escort agency business.

Meet Liza

Anyway, this is Liza – a new butterfly at our team, sexy, slim open-minded massage escort in London. She has that very classic European beauty that is so common from that part of the world, and this makes her very popular indeed of course. She also has an incredibly fit body. We’re surprised we haven’t seen her before actually, but she is relatively new to the business. Perhaps she has only just realised how gorgeous she actually is, who knows. We’re glad she has however, and we’re certain that you’ll be happy too. Liza takes her career very seriously indeed. She’s not a young, careless girl who doesn’t care for herself. She’s at that magic age whereby she’s still young, but she understands the necessity to maintain her body and get into some good habits. Discipline is the name of the game in the London escorting industry. When she’s not busy working or enjoying our lovely city, she’ll be in the gym working on her ass.

London escort Liza

Fitness first with this escort

In order to fully appreciate her hard work, you’ll have to book her of course. Only when you’ve seen her dressed up in a nice tight, short dress, with her high heels on can you fully appreciate how great that ass really is. We’re betting that she could crack walnuts with those cheeks if she really put her mind to it.

Liza is also one of those fitness fanatics that firmly believes that if they keep their body healthy, their mind will follow closely behind. And it’s true. With all the running, cycling and general resistance training that Liza puts her body through, she really gets those endorphins going. And it’s those that make her a very happy young woman. She gets that high feeling that only the truly physically fit get when they’ve been working out like crazy people. Perhaps you should try it out sometime. Although you probably get your “high” from meeting with London escorts in the first place. It certainly gets the blood pumping and your endorphins going.

Sparkling personality

We realise that this is something that practically every agency says about all of their escorts. But with Liza, we really do mean it. She has an infectious optimism that just warms people to her as soon as they meet her. She’s funny, highly intelligent and enthusiastic about meeting new people. When Liza tells you that she’s interested in learning more about you, you can certainly believe what she says.

Book Liza for incalls or outcalls

She’s a very versatile young woman too and happy to invite you to her place. She keeps a tidy, comfortable home and has all the facilities you’re eve likely to need. If you have requests for what this sexy London escort wears, you can make them through us. She has quite a choice, and she loves making herself even more appealing with a sexy outfit. She’s also happy to bring anything along to your hotel room or apartment if you want an outcall. You really couldn’t ask for a more versatile, new London escort.

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