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New face for springtime at Butterfly Touch

8 April 2018

We always like to introduce the new faces as and when they appear at the agency. We realise that some of you actually read our news and advice here, and we wouldn’t want to deprive you of your introduction to some of the newest, most beautiful young women in the world…

So, it’s without further delay that we introduce you to the very lovely Eva. It’s not her first time in London, but this time she’s back with one thing on her mind. She wants to meet Englishmen and make a bucket load of cash in the process! We’re sure you can help her out there. It won’t surprise many of you to learn that Eva is a Russian. But this Russian isn’t going to try and poison you :) so don’t worry!

Eva’s favourite dates are those that involve eating out and sipping cocktails. She’s definitely a very social person, with plenty to offer those who enjoy highly conversational young London escorts. She’s bright and very intelligent, and she speaks very good English; with that oh so sexy Russian accent we know so many of you find hard to resist!

New pictures

The other girls haven’t been idle by any means of course. Obviously, they’ve been working hard and having fun with you guys, but they’ve also been updating their own profiles. In this business is becomes necessary to keep your profile fresh and interesting, no matter which London escort agency you work with. There’s so much competition out there. A number of the girls have been in the studio having new pictures done. Izabella is one of them. This busty blonde escort Izabella goddess loves to look nice for her clients, and you can expect her to make just as much effort on her dates as she so clearly does in her photo shoots!

Antonia is another of our girls to get a boost to her profile with new pictures (they really do seem to help by the way, they get far more visits). She’s been with us for a number of very successful years, yet she only seems to get better and better. We mean this when it comes to her services as well as her appearance; it really is unexplainable.

Even if you’re a regular at the website, it always pays to have a quick browse of the Gallery from time to time, just to check whether or not the girls have new pictures. We never know what they’re going to do, so we have no indication when they’ll be updating their profiles. We suppose it depends entirely on how much money they’re making. Those professional photo shoots can sometimes cost a pretty penny you know!

Want to be the next new face London escort at Butterfly Touch?

If you’re an aspiring escort, or even an existing escort that already has representation, we would be happy to list you on our website. It depends on where you’re located of course. We prefer to represent girls who reside in Central London, and obviously those that are stunning in appearance and have charming personalities.

Please don’t hesitate to call with any questions – We’re always happy to help out!