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Our London escorts tell you how to get laid!

7 April 2017

Who could you think of who is better qualified to tell you how to get laid? A London escort gets to see a lot of different men and they can certainly tell you what lines have been used on them to impress them etc. and they can tell you a lot more besides.

Dress the part to impress your London escort

If you want to know what works with a woman, it’s a good idea to practice on a London escort. We realise that they’re obliged to be with you because you’re paying them, but you can still get a good idea about what impresses them! Today we’re going to talk about looking the part. Primarily how you dress. You expect London escorts to make a serious effort when it comes to you, so why not the other way around?

Here are our London escort top tips!

  • White T-Shirt. White t shirts are definitely the thing. If you’ve got the physique then wear them close and tight so your muscles show off. If you haven’t, don’t worry. Just the mere white, freshness of this class choice gets the girls all hot!

  • Boots. Not every man can carry off a pair of boots, but if you’re going to get some, make sure you wear them right and choose the correct ones. High boots are a must for anyone choosing to wear jeans a lot, and the shorter Chukka style boots for suits and trousers never fail. Our London escorts love a man in boots!

  • Good fitting trousers and jeans. Let’s get this straight to start with, not every man can get away with skinny trousers! It’s a fact. You have to be very careful with trousers because London escorts, like all women, love to see skinny fit trousers on a man with a nice ass and legs that have clearly defined muscles. But if you’re struggling to move in them or your pockets are bulging and the ass is nearly ripping out of them when you move, they’re not for you. Go with something safe and stylish. Perhaps a slim fit pair of trousers would suit you better and give you more room. However, ever woman on the planet will agree that you need to make sure your ass is on full display and it’s nicely shaped by your trousers. This will be one of the first things she notices about you!

50 shades of grey

You wouldn’t have thought a colour could really do it for the ladies would you, but according to our London escorts, it really can. Grey is really a rather dull choice, but you see, it’s so very versatile, whether you’re wearing grey jogging bottoms that show off your junk (a big favourite) or a grey three piece suit, it’s all good.

Go out on the pull!

So there you go, you’re all prepared to go out on the pull! Try out our little style tips and they’ll be more to come over the weeks ahead. We wish you a lot of luck out there gents. And remember that if all else fails, you can always get some direct advice and some fabulous company from one of our lovely London escorts