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Taking a break from full personal service

2 September 2019

This may not seem like something an escort agency would have on their website. It does seem to more than a little counterproductive, we confess. However, there is a method in our madness. What we are about here at Butterfly Touch is the experience our clients are having. You couldn’t run a specialist escort massage business by not paying attention to your clients. This is much more important to us than the number of bookings they make. Allow us to explain a little more.

Desensitised by escorts

Have you ever heard of being desensitised? It’s one of those things that happen when you’ve done something so often that the original sensation disappears. When you book escorts so often, they become much less sensational. You really have to ask yourself what you value the most. Is it the number of sensations and the frequency, or is it the quality? Of course a lot of this is dependent on the girl you book, but most of the time it’s about the way you respond to her. And your responses are going to be less impressive if you only saw a girl the day before, or in some cases, earlier in the day.

Responsiveness is important

Not just to you, but to the escorts too. If you have become desensitised to London personal escort services, they are going to struggle to make you as happy as you usually are. This puts them under a lot of pressure to perform and make you happy. Whereas if you haven’t seen a girl in a while, you’re likely to respond to her attention much more passionately and enthusiastically.

Are you ready to change?

You probably know this already of course, but you are reluctant to change your booking habits. We can’t say we blame you, but there is another extra special benefit to consider when doing things this way. Whilst you cut down on your bookings on full personal escort services to make yourself feel more again but still want to see a beautiful girl and have a relaxing time, you can use our sensual tantric massage service as a substitute to sex. Luckily, we have ladies who specialise on both: naturist sensual massage as well as escort services.

You can see them in our London massage escorts gallery now. Give us a call to arrange things for you.