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The perfect London escort hostess

29 October 2018

Today we would like to take the opportunity to remind you of just how wonderful the London escort girls are. That sounds quite vague we realise. We are going to remind you of all the things they do, or can do, for you, other than just provide you with an excellent escort service in London.

London escort assisted shower service


This isn't always such an important thing for all clients, but it certainly is for many. Showers for all clients and toiletries are the often taken for granted facilities provided by our escort girls. They ensure that you begin and (sometimes more importantly) end your booking feeling and smelling as fresh as a daisy. They go shopping for men's toiletries, mouthwash etc. all the time, just so those of you who need to "be careful" when you return home you can feel relaxed and confident that your secret will stay safely kept.

perfect London escort hostess


All our London escort girls will offer you some kind of refreshment. This will largely depend on just what they have in at the time, but there will always be spring water etc. available to you. Many of the girls also have beer and/or wine to share if you like. They're actually not obligated to do this by the way, so you should really consider yourself quite privileged. Another way in which our girls provide the perfect hostess experience!


No, they don't give away phones! We are aware that a number of you book quite late in the evening. And by the time you have navigated your way to your choosen London escort's apartment using your phone, the battery will no doubt be on its last legs. This is especially the case with iPhones, as we're sure many of you are aware. We miss the times when mobile batteries lasted for a week or more! But then you couldn't browse London escort agency websites on those old phones could you?

Anyway, back to the point we were making. This is just another thing that your hostess is able to do for you. When you arrive, simply ask her if you can charge your phone. Chances are it's an iPhone she's using anyway, so we're sure she will be able to help.

The escort experience

The whole idea of having an escort experience is to feel as though you have returned home to a loving and caring girlfriend who wants to make you happy and relaxed. Call Butterfly Touch and let us create this for you!