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Time to meet the new girls of summer!

13 August 2018

We say it every time we know: It’s always nice when we get new girls! Well, it is isn’t it? We’re a little more selective than most agencies, so we don’t list as many new girls as most, but you can count on the ones we list to be good! This is the reason the ones we’ve had for such a long time, have stayed with us. And our clients love our girls!

Meet the newbies

Well, we’re never too sure if they are newbies of course. They may be new to escorting, but not new to sensual massage. Or they may be new to both, or they may have been in the business for some time. What you can count on is that they’re good. As we just said, we wouldn’t have them if they weren’t.


Brenda impressed us the most with her sensational massage experience. She’s an absolute natural when it comes to sensual massage, and she has the body to support that. She’s not one of these super skinny London escorts, by any shake of the dice, and we love this about her. She’s a real woman with the real curves in the right places. This makes body to body massage bookings with her very exciting indeed.

She’s from Eastern European, but she’s loving it here so much that she’s thinking about taking up permanent residence. She’s also working hard on her English, so perhaps you can help her with that too. But by far the most important thing you can do is book her. She’s looking forward to meeting as many of you as she can. We’ve told her all about you.


Helen is our latest Russian angel to join the team at Butterfly Touch. She specialises in practically everything, and she’s available until late every night. She even likes a little role play when she gets the opportunity, and she’s not averse to a bit of BDSM fun! Those Russians are always good right? Helen is a glowing example of Russian female engineering too, when you look at her body. Slim, tall and shapely where she needs to be.

Helen has a lovely apartment in South Kensington where she’d be very excited to invite you if you like. She has a great selection of clothes there, and various other outfits that she’d wear for you for fun we’re sure. She has great shower facilities and everything you could possibly need for a wonderful time.

Have it your way with Butterfly Touch

If you have any preferences then please let us know about them when you call to book. We’re happy to pass on anything to your escort. You may want her to wear something special for you, or perhaps bring something to your outcall booking etc. We aim to please, and you’re paying the bill, so you might as well have it your way!