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To book or not to book – That is the question!

17 April 2017

We’re all too familiar with the process gents! We know the internal struggle you have about booking London escorts and we know there are a mountain of reasons you can come up with not to. However, if you stop for one moment and consider why you should book London escorts you’ll quickly see that the answer will outweigh any misgivings you have!

Reasons not to book a London escort

There are three main things that guys wrestle with when they’re making their minds up about booking an escort, and there are as follows:

I’ll get caught

One of the most common reasons that guys don’t book London escorts is that they’re worried about getting caught. If this is the only reason, then you’ve clearly made up your mind that you want to be with an escort, so it’s only down to discretion. It will please you to learn that all the incall escort locations we have across the city are all in very discreet places. And besides which, London is a very big place, you couldn’t possibly know someone in all our locations who could spot you. So book a girl who isn’t where you live or work!

It’s wrong

If you have already decided it’s wrong, allow us to ask you one questions. What are you doing on this London escort website? So, we’ve established that it’s more than likely not as “wrong” as you think it is right? Let’s look at the facts. Is it wrong to want to be with beautiful young women and spend precious moments with them? Is it wrong for a beautiful young woman to want to make extra money by spending time with men? Is escorting illegal in any way? The answer to these three questions is a resounding no. So there you have it. It simply can’t be wrong can it?

It’s cheating

Now we’re not going to enter into moralistic judgements on this blog. But let it be said that if you are here looking for a London escort and you’re actually with someone already, it’s a choice you’ve clearly already made, whether it is right or wrong. When you’re considering the whole “cheating” thing you also have to call into question your whole idea of monogamy as a concept. If you have always been the type of person to seek someone else when you’re with someone then it’s quite normal really. The question you should perhaps ask is whether it would hurt the person you’re with too much to discover that you have been spending time with London escorts. This isn’t something we can help you with here. However, we do not believe in monogamy, we think it’s a very outdated concept that’s been forced upon us societally.

If you have reconciled with your decision, go and browse our London escorts now