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Top agency, top pay, top clients

19 September 2017

That’s what we like to say about Butterfly Touch. As far back as when we only offered sensual massage services, right up until now with full London escort experiences, we have always delivered a great service to our clients and also our escorts.

If you are a London escort looking for top representation, you could do a hell of a lot worse than listing yourself on Butterfly Touch. We have been in the business for many years and have a long and dedicated list of clients, that choose to use us because they can always rely on the fact that we will deal with their booking quickly and efficiently.

We like to know our escorts personally so that we can better inform our clients, and this is something we expect all those who list with us to understand. We will not recommend an escort if she doesn’t have a good attitude to her career and/or already has an excellent reputation with other agencies or as an independent.

What a new escort can expect from Butterfly Touch

A new escort can expect to have:

  • Good quality bookings from well-respected clients in the industry (some we have had for years.

  • As much work as she can handle. A new escort can pick and choose when she is available, although it is wise to be available as often as possible to secure bookings throughout the day and night.

  • Excellent marketing team. Bookings do not just come from Google searches at Butterfly Touch. We also market the girls we represent on very specific forums and directories online that (unlike search engines) are dedicated to the escort industry.

  • Great earning potential. Whilst we have recommended rates to charge clients, we leave that pretty much up to you. We do not take huge percentages of your booking fee like some agencies. We consider ourselves to be very fair considering the amount of work that we put into finding our escorts their jobs.

We still have a massive massage clientele

It’s worth saying here that we still have a large list of massage clients. So, if you are, or have been, known for your massage abilities, you are likely to find a very special place here at Butterfly Touch. Those clients who have always enjoyed our sensual masseuses, can still do so you see. Many of the girls have simply added to their list of services.

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