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We offer a lot more than massage at Butterfly Touch London Escorts

30 December 2015

We'd like to begin the New Year by ensuring that everyone who visits the website understands that we are also one of the best London escort agency in the city…

We started out by offering only sensual massage service, as some of you will already know. However, with the sort of girls we represent, we've been somewhat forced to move our focus to escorting! Yes, that's right, it's the girls that have moved us in this direction! When you have insatiable young London escorts like we tend to get at Butterfly Touch, you literally have to tailor your website to suit their requirements and not your own!

London escort services

London escort services extend way beyond simple massages of course. Some of you will be aware of this, some of you may have a little difficulty getting your head around it. Let's make a start by directing you to our London escort's individual profiles, where you will find a list of services each of the delightful girls offer. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out what some of the abbreviations mean of course, and we're sure you'll get the general idea.

Now, it's important that you realise the services on offer by each of the girls are by no means a guarantee you will get to experience them. The London escorts we represent at Butterfly Touch are very classy young women, and they know their own minds and what they want to do. Everything will depend upon how they feel about you, at the time of your meeting. Just like a regular date, a London escort will only do what she's comfortable doing, and if that means giving you a kiss and saying goodnight, well there isn't much you can do about that. We only offer an introduction service, and you would do very well to remember this. You must always respect the wishes of an escort you seeing.

The youngest London escorts in the city!

Butterfly Touch are proud to announce that they have some of the youngest, brightest and most beautiful London escorts available. Some of you prefer the younger women, and if this is the case you won't find a better legitimate agency that represents teenage London escorts. As a side note here, we would like to warn you against any lesser quality agencies or anyone who advertises 18 year olds etc. as independents in London. Girls this young are often easy prey for trafficking and this is something we cannot tolerate by any shake of the dice!

Rest assured that all the girls we represent at Butterfly Touch are not trafficked in any way at all. We do not coerce these girls into doing anything they don't want to. As we said earlier, we work for the girls to advertise their availability, and we basically publish what they tell us too!

Try out Butterfly Touch London Escorts now. We're sure you'll never choose another agency again!