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What’s happening with the Escorts

11 December 2018

We’re sure you have read the article in The Times, or wherever it was. It’s been in a few of them actually, but they haven’t done a very good job of it to be honest. Most of the other stories are just regurgitations of the original! Basically the escorts in Chelsea Cloisters have been having a rough ride because of that stupid article about the owner of the building on Sloane Avenue donating money to the Tories! And this building, in case you were not aware, is home to a number of London escorts including a few of our girls.

Chelsea Cloisters

Chelsea Cloisters is a huge apartment building. It’s well maintained, the staff are friendly, and it’s in the perfect west end location for London escorts to meet their clients too. They’ve been doing it for decades in this building and it’s never been a problem before. Luckily, it isn’t really a problem now either as it happens, but we’ll come to that.

When you enter the building, everyone minds their own business. This makes it a popular choice with clients, because there are so many people coming and going all the time, and at all hours. As long as everyone behaves themselves and there are no disturbances, there’s never any reason for anyone to bother about what is going on behind closed doors.

What goes on behind closed doors

chelsea cloisters escorts

This is precisely what the article had seemed to have a problem with. They enjoyed using the term “prostitute” unfortunately. Not that this is in any way illegal anyway of course, just in case you didn’t know. The only thing that is illegal about prostitution is the control of prostitution, which is practically non-existent these days anyway. We won’t deny that there are a few instances here and there, from time to time, but it’s not something we are ever aware of, or have anything to do with.

The problem occurs when you slam this all over the papers, when these girls are trying to make a living. It puts the cat amongst the pigeons and scares everyone involved because they have no idea how anyone else is going to react. As it happens, no-one gives a damn. As we said, no-one is being harmed, exploited or otherwise upset by these escorts in Chelsea Cloisters.

What’s the big deal?

But the initial reporting had some of the girls worried, and the clients. This was all to do with that multi-millionaire owner of the building, who more than likely didn’t know, or even care what people were doing in the privacy of their own rooms; that they are paying for incidentally. What ever happened to your right to privacy? So, as is always the case, the press put two and two together and made seven. Accusing this Moran fellow of profiting from prostitution, and then donating it to the Tory Party. Therein lies the story, nothing to do with the legalities of such a profession, or anything else, just the fact that the money was going to the Tories for goodness sake! It seems they were more concerned with the multi-millionaire making money from these escort girls in Chelsea Cloisters, than the girls themselves. And we might add, they had no thought for the impact they had on the girls’ careers!

You will be delighted to hear however that the whole thing has blown over as quickly as it began, so there is no need to be concerned about going to visit an escort there. Nothing illegal is happening, and what goes on between an escort in Chelsea Cloisters and her client is entirely between the two of them. We act in an introduction only capacity anyway, and we can also confirm that no girls we represent have actually left the building and are in no danger at all from anyone or anything “controlling” them.