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Why London escorts prefer older men

17 April 2019

Perhaps you are an older man and you already know why London escorts prefer your company to that of men their own age or younger. If you do know, this is probably why you book them! Because there is one thing we can say with a certain degree of certainty. Young London escorts will usually be on top form for an older man.

About attraction

London escort

They know that older men can appreciate their efforts more. And this in turn inspires them to make even greater efforts. When it comes to working out what young London escorts sees in an older man, then it becomes necessary to first understand what it is that older men like about young London escorts . Obviously it’s mostly the fact they are escorts that offer the most attraction! Secondly it has to be said that older men are attracted to their escort’s youth and appearance. However, aside from these very obvious factors, we’re looking for something else. We are looking for the thing these older men love that is the same as the thing these young London escorts amplify and make them prefer their older clients.

Match made in heaven

It’s a match “made in heaven,” if you like. It’s a simple case of this. The older man loves the way a young escort will make the extra effort for him and the young escort loves how much he loves it! Simple! Basically they were made for each other. Young men sometimes don’t fully appreciate their escorts, and they tend to feel a little too entitled, like they just expect their young escort girl to do this and that for them, just because they have paid for their time.

And older man’s expectations

Most older men do not just expect things and they make no assumptions about their escort based on their career either. Men have arguably a much better time when they have low expectations and no assumptions at all about how their date will go.

Don’t think for a moment however that you can’t expect great things from our young escorts . We get lots of good feedback for them all the time, both on our own website, and on the independent escort review sites. If you have a good time (and we’re sure that you will!), please make a point of being a reviewer for the girl you see, at least somewhere online where others can read it.