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Your favourite things about sex – recapturing your youth!

12 January 2018

Personally, we think that sex is about as complicated as you choose to make it, and our massage London escorts tend to agree with us. Some people panic whether or not they’re doing it right etc. but if you think about your first experiences of sex, you’ll soon come to realise that you made some real awful mistakes, but had a lot of fun in the process!

What did you like most about sex? Was it a particular position? Perhaps you like oral sex the most? Or fingering? Or anal sex? The list goes on and on. It’s important to remember that those mistakes and experimentations you made as a teenager, can be revisited as an adult, and you can actually get it right this time!

Let your fingers do the talking

This is arguably one of the first real sexual experiences a teenager has. Fingering is still enormously effective and very much desired. Our London escort girls tell us that this is one of their favourite things to do, as long as a few basics are followed through. So let’s get it right. Gone are the days where you fumble behind the bike sheds. Now you have a girlfriend, a wife or lover. You need to get it right. You can still walk her home and go around the back and finger her up against the wall. It’s intensely erotic. Just make sure you have clean hands, clean nails, and… Yes you guessed it, short nails. No woman wants to be fingered by Nosferatu!

Did you ever dry hump?

Of course you did! Everyone did at some point or other. All those awkward teenage moments when you weren’t both quite ready to get your kit off and show each other your essentials! You probably remember actually climaxing in this way too? It was always easy for a particularly horny girl to climax in this way; as long as you rubbed the right bits, the right way!

Well, it’s perfectly healthy to do this again you know. Recapture your youth and do a little dry humping! You don’t have to ensure that you get off whilst doing it, or even your girl. Just the sheer pleasure of it will be enough to leave her wanting more and more to the point, wanting to meet you again. You might even rekindle some of her teenage memories.

Live life a little dangerously

When you were a teenager, you probably didn’t even have anywhere to take a girl. Our popular London escorts have been talking about their youth too and telling us about all the risky places they’ve played around with their first boyfriends. Parks, bus shelters, train stations, passageways etc. the list goes on. It will always add a little excitement to do this again, even if you can get home and do it in your bed like an adult. Get the excitement back into an old relationship, or make a new one a lot of fun by playing around in a risky place.

At the end of the day, life is for living gentlemen… Have some fun!