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Upgrade your London escort experience

London Massage Escorts Agency Butterfly Touch blog from 18 January 2018

Are you a regular at the agency? Or are you just a regular London escort hobbyist at any agency? It doesn’t matter to us of course, but we thought we’d take the opportunity considering it’s now 2019, to convince you to have even more fun! Have you ever thought about it? You must have, surely!

We have some new girls at Butterfly Touch, and they’re really good. They also specialise in various techniques too etc. so you might want to take a look in the gallery and then their individual profiles to find out more. There’s one other thing that the new girls (and indeed the regulars) specialise in, and that’s extended bookings. Now this is the first and most logical way to upgrade your London escort experience of course, just to simply book longer!

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Welcome to 2019 with some fabulous new London escorts!

London Massage Escorts Agency Butterfly Touch blog from 08 January 2018

Just take a little look in our London escorts gallery. You’ll find a number of new faces there, and they’re all keen to see you. They’re all offering incall and outcall escort services throughout the city, and we’re open until late, so we can set up a meeting as soon as you like.

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Love your London escort experience? Review it then!

London Massage Escorts Agency Butterfly Touch blog from 31 December 2018

We love them, our London escorts love them, and we know that you love them. So, why is it that so many people don’t review their services? We suppose it’s something to do with time and effort, but it would be nice if you could spare a few minutes when you’ve had a date with one of our beautiful young companions, if you could go along to one of the better independent escort review sites and tell them how good (or bad) your experience was.

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Do you have what it takes to work with Butterfly Touch?

London Massage Escorts Agency Butterfly Touch blog from 24 December 2018

To begin with, we should make it clear that just because we’re a popular London escort agency, it doesn’t mean you have to be a model to work with us. It’s more about looking as good as a model, if not better! Do you have model escort looks?

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Being prepared and getting out of drinks with colleagues

London Massage Escorts Agency Butterfly Touch blog from 17 December 2018

Having a London escort hobby makes you pretty clever when it comes to hiding your tracks and making excuses, doesn’t it? We have a few extra ideas for those of you new to our little community and we’re only too happy to share them with you.

Are you one of those guys who goes out after work with friends/colleagues? Do you end up in the pub having a couple of pints, or perhaps more that you end up regretting? Well we have the perfect way to get out of it, and make a booking with a one of our sexy London escort instead. We call it “the multi-use SMS method”.

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What’s happening with the Chelsea Cloisters Escorts

Chelsea Cloysters Escorts Location

London Massage Escorts Agency Butterfly Touch blog from 11 December 2018

We’re sure you have read the article in The Times, or wherever it was. It’s been in a few of them actually, but they haven’t done a very good job of it to be honest. Most of the other stories are just regurgitations of the original! Basically the escorts in Chelsea Cloisters have been having a rough ride because of that stupid article about the owner of the building on Sloane Avenue donating money to the Tories! And this building, in case you were not aware, is home to a number of London escorts including a few of our girls.

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Brains and beauty with East European escorts

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London Massage Escorts Agency Butterfly Touch blog from 30 November 2018

It’s not all about beauty you know! Well, alright, it is initially, we can’t argue with that. We wouldn’t very well have a website full of sexy pictures of these Eastern European escort girls if that wasn’t what most men go for initially. We could very well put the girls’ CVs up there could we? Or a list of their hobbies and the books they’ve read? That’s not going to interest anyone. But it’s once you’re acquainted that you begin to see more than the body and the face, it’s then that it becomes a real experience!

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We have new girls – But we always want more!

London Massage Escorts Agency Butterfly Touch blog from 21 November 2018

We only want the good ones though! If you’re a London escort model and you are currently looking for new representation, or additional representation (you want another agency), then we’re the place to apply to. Lately we’re doing very well, and we have many clients, new and old (very loyal) and we’d love to offer them someone new to see.

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Replacing your lover with a London escort

London Massage Escorts Agency Butterfly Touch blog from 5 November 2018

That's the wrong thing to say really, we realise, but it's a good starting point for this article. It's all about the alleviation of break up pain by using the London female escorts community. Depending on the circumstances of your break up, we realise that you can't simply replace a partner with an hour or two in the company of a fabulous looking female London escort.

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The perfect London escort hostess

London Massage Escorts Agency Butterfly Touch blog from 29 October 2018

Today we would like to take the opportunity to remind you of just how wonderful the London escort girls are. That sounds quite vague we realise. We are going to remind you of all the things they do, or can do, for you, other than just provide you with an excellent escort service.

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A very fond farewell to one of the best London escorts we've ever met!

Emma is leaving us gentlemen! We know, it's a very sad time. But it's also one of celebration. Emma is off to pastures new, to follow a different path and expand her mind with higher education. We thought you would like to give her a fond farewell, so you'll need to book now!

We became firm friends very quickly when Emma joined the team back in 2012, and having been with us all this time, exclusively, she has decided to end her escorting career. It's so lovely when a young woman as wonderful as Emma decides to end their London escort career on a high. There are many girls in this industry that leave the escort world because they've just had enough, but this was far from the case with Emma. Emma is one of those London escorts that absolutely adores what she does, and she has nothing but wonderfully happy memories from all the adventures she's been on here in London, and indeed from all the clients she has seen. She has managed to build healthy, lasting client/escort relationships with many of them, and she will be sorely missed we're sure.

Best London escort EMMA pic

Nice London escorts are always popular!

It never surprised us that she'd become so very popular. With a personality that matches her stunning good looks and amazing body, she was bound to be a great success. Everyone who ever met her commented on her personality, her smile, and her eagerness to get to know you and please you in the way you wanted. She was so very accommodating when it came to her services, and anything you had in mind, that she always secured repeat bookings. This wasn't the reason she was so nice however, she was just a London escort who couldn't fail to be nice; it's just in her nature!

You can still book Emma for a very limited time only

If you're luck, and you call us really soon, you can still get a chance to see Emma. We would be quick to remind you that this London escort will not be returning to the business again , so this really is the last chance you will get. In fact, we're not quite too sure what Emma is going to do without her escorting career. It's been such a massive part of her life for the last 4 years!

We wish Emma all the very best in her brand new future. If you'd like to see her one last time, please do give us a call. But you better make it quick!

8 March 2016

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New faces at Butterfly Touch: World class London escort agency

And that's the reason we're getting so many new faces of course! When you have an agency that has become so highly regarded among London escort enthusiasts you tend to get most of the new talent applying to join you. So we're taking this opportunity to introduce you to a couple of our new girls!

Now, you have to understand that despite the fact that

Christy for your London escorts pleasure!

Christy is one of the newest young angels to join us here at Butterfly Touch. This wonderful Turkish / Russian escort is offering both incall and outcall escort services in London, and she very much looks forward to meeting you. You see, it didn't take her long to work out what she wanted to do here in the UK. Basically she wants to meet men! There are a number of opportunities open to a young woman of Christy's skills of course, but she chose escorting to be the highest on her list of priorities for this very reason!

She's a talented young masseuse too of course, as are so many of our young London escorts. This makes her a great choice for you guys who like massage escorts in London. We have to add here that you gents in particular make us very happy indeed. You know just what you want from an escort and you really appreciate the service our girls offer.

Important note about Christy's escort services availability

One thing you need to know right now about Christy is that from 26th December she'll be on holiday. So you can get her for Christmas if you really want, but you'll have to get your bookings in quickly gentlemen. We thoroughly expect this gorgeous young companion to get busy very quickly indeed. Call us at your convenience and we'll ensure that she's where you want her, when you want her!
London agency escort Christy We thought we would leave you with a few words from Christy herself. She likes to make an impression, so here she is with a little message for those who are thinking about booking her.

            "I am very excited to be here in the UK. I love London. I love the people I have met, and I am happy to meet more. I love to go out to a nice restaurant and I love to go shopping. You can trust for me to always look the best I can and I really want to spend many sensual hours in your company. Come and say hello to me…"

There you go! Now, don't think too long and hard about booking Christy…

8 December 2015

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A modern man's guide to being single

That old feeling loneliness will come to us all. As one of the best London escorts providers in the city, we have enough experience of this depressing emotion and we'd like to give you a few tips on how to be single in today's modern world…

London escorts aren't troubled by loneliness, or being single, but how does a man survive in a single existence today? Well, we're going to tell you not only how to survive, but how to thrive. However, to begin with you have to change your way of thinking. It sounds odd we know. You see, most people seem to believe that their whole purpose in life is to find a partner. Once you get this out of your head, and realise that there is far more to life than finding the elusive "one", you'll be a much happier person and able to follow these guides much easier.

Be comfortable with yourself

Being comfortable with yourself is the most important thing you can be. We're talking about being comfortable in body and mind. This doesn't mean you have to have the perfect body or mind, this means that you need to like them both. When you accept yourself, you begin to actually fit into the world as a single entity and not one that requires affirmation from someone else.

Look after yourself

The confidence you have in yourself and your life will grow more and more when you begin to take care of yourself. You don't have to make it your goal to achieve a six pack, or lose weight, or anything like that. Just eat good food, exercise regularly (without setting yourself unacheilvable goals) and stimulate your mind.

Stimulate yourself

No, we're not talking about masturbation! We're sure that will happen anyway. We're also not talking about London escorts either (we'll come to that!). What we mean is stimulate your mind. Seek out new things to do and commit to an activity or two on particular evenings. Having things to do on regular occasions is important and it helps you further define who you are. It's also a good idea to occupy your time by reading something interesting. Perhaps take a newspaper or magazine subscription and actually read it too!

London hotel visiting escorts

Book your company by the hour!

That's right, you read it correctly. No-one said you had to stay away from women, and London escorts will satiate your natural requirement for female attention whenever you want. The beauty of course is that you don't ever have to do anything other than make a phone call and have a wonderful evening. Then you're sorted until the next time you have "the urge!" Seriously, when you consider it like this, you can pour so much more energy into other things!

Check who we have for you in our gallery…

1 September 2015

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Nothing more exciting than a secret affair with London escorts

It's true, it really is. And unless you've actually tried it, you're never likely to know. We will go some way to giving you an idea however, that's what we do here, we realise erotic fantasies! Have a think about what we have to say and then ask yourself, do you want a secret affair?

It's something that happens in movies all the time right? Well, it doesn't just have to happen in the movies. Besides, in the movies it always ends badly for one or the other doesn't it? It's some kind of inbuilt "moral code" that film makers seem to hark back to every time in order to keep the narrative interesting. But this isn't a genetic coding in human beings at all you understand? And certainly not in London escorts!

No, it's a culturally conditioned code that has been implanted in our minds to tell us that monogamy is the only way, or that we should always be seeking a relationship in the stereotypical sense. Well there are many different relationships to be had in our busy and quite hectic lives and this is one of the services that London escorts provide. They offer you the companionship you need without the hassle.

London hotel visiting escorts

The excitement with London escorts

Of course you don't have to be in a relationship already to appreciate the whole idea of a secret affair. The excitement of knowing you're going to meet with a beautiful young woman after work and not wanting your friends or work colleagues to know is exhilarating. In reality you'd like to tell all your friends about it, but the whole "taboo" attachment about seeing young women you can book for an hour is just too juicy to share and adds to the whole experience.

Why London escorts?

Well, at the risk of sounding like we're doing the hard sell, when you look at some of the London escorts available in the city today, in particular the girls you can book through Butterfly Touch, you should be asking yourself why not! Besides, the main reason why is the fact that you don't have to go chasing around after women in bars to get dates when you can book a woman, dare we say much more beautiful, quickly and easily.

So it's time to do away with all the old notions of attachment, as far as we're concerned. It's now time to enjoy yourself and live your life the way you want to; you've only got one of them you know! So go for it, throw caution to the wind and have that secret affair at your earliest opportunity. It is a truly liberating experience!

Start by looking at our escorts gallery…

10 July 2015

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London escorts at The Bastille Fair

No, they're not going to get their heads chopped off, nor are you! The Bastille Fair is upon us at London's Borough Market and it's just one of many events in the city that our London escorts like to go and explore. Perhaps you'd like to join them?

Borough Market is famous in its own right really, but when events such as this come around it makes the place even more enjoyable to visit. The market is located just off the South side of London Bridge and it's not hard to find at all, especially if you like walking the streets in the summer. There are certainly a number of beautiful sights to see if you choose to stroll around for a while and no matter where you walk around this area you always seem to come across Borough Market. The London escorts we represent close to the area spend a lot of time at the market anyway, enjoying the street food and the atmosphere, as well as picking up a number of bargains!

Why do London escorts enjoy the Bastille Festival?

London hotel visiting escorts

The girls aren't celebrating the French revolution in the 18th Century, they're simply enjoying the atmosphere, as will you if you care to take a look. It's all about the French cuisine, the drink and the culture. If the French know anything it's food and drink in our opinion! That and gorgeous women of course; some as lovely as the London escorts you'll find on our website! There's enough food to go around, plenty of live music, and we may have misled you when we said it's not about chopping off heads, because the London dungeon will be loaning out their guillotine for this special event; not active of course!

This event also supplies one of many welcome doses of European culture in the city and the London escorts we represent love to go and soak it up. They can get virtually all the Euro culture they want in a vastly cosmopolitan city like London, but special events like this make them feel even more at home than they already do.

When is the Bastille Festival?

It takes place on July 14th and it promises to be a glorious all day event that goes on into the night in true French festival style. We're hoping the weather stays lovely for it. There's nothing better than taking in the sights and sounds of the city, especially during a festival, on a sunny day is there? So whether you decide to take one of our lovely companions with you or not, or you simply choose to visit them when you've finished, we wish you a Happy Bastille Day celebration!

Browse the gallery and book a girl…

20 June 2015

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London Escorts: Making the afternoon hotter!

Yes friends, the weather is truly beginning to heat things up. Sunbathing after work? No? Well, why not visit some of the best London escorts and let them round off your day by making it even hotter…

What would you usually do after work? You'd more than likely end up at the pub with some of your work colleagues, downing a few pints and ogling the young barmaid we're sure, but there is an alternative. The Lond escorts you see on our website are a little different than the young barmaid. To start with they're gorgeous, and they don't mind you ogling them! If there's anything that these young courtesans love, it's a gentleman who knows how to appreciate a woman; if he can't stop looking at her, it's always a good sign that the booking is going to be a lot of fun!

Never too hot for London escorts

You might think that it's really not the weather for this sort of thing, that you're going to be hot and sweaty all day and these girls wouldn't appreciate you turning up after work like that. Well, the beauty of booking incall appointments with professional London escorts is that you are enabled to have a quick shower when you arrive. The girls have wonderfully comfortable incall apartments all over the city and they really do want to make sure you're comfortable and relaxed before they begin. Of course, they're bound to appreciate the fact that you will smell much nicer too!

When you consider how much you'll spend in the pub, and then more than likely go on to eat out somewhere with friends, booking the services of one of these massage professionals now and then really does balance the books! And it's not always about the money. When you consider the therapeutic and dare we say spiritual benefits of spending even one hour in the company of these masseuses, there really is no question that this is the way to go.

Stress relief in London

We're not saying that every gentlemen in London is stressed to the hilt of course, you may be perfectly happy and just want to be feel ecstatic for a change! Whichever the case, you are guaranteed to feel good when you've seen one of the girls you see in our gallery. A beautiful woman with a body to die for, all dressed up to impress and ready to lay her hands on your body? What more could you ask for?

Make the summer even hotter and book now!

12 June 2015

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Book London escorts for Royal Ascot 2015

London hotel visiting escorts

Are you planning to go to Ascot this year? If you're not, perhaps this is a good reason to! Ascot requires that the women look absolutely fabulous of course, so what better than to choose from some of the best looking escorts in London

Ascot is the UK's most popular and fancy race meet. If you're not familiar with this whole concept, in the UK we go quite mad about horse racing and proceed to spend all of our wages on escorts and guessing which horse is going to win. If you like the idea of doing this whilst looking absolutely fabulous then it starts on June 16th and lasts until the 23rd.

Book only the best London escorts

This is incredibly important guys. Only the very best London escorts will be able to socialise at an event such as this. It's not enough to be the most beautiful young woman at Ascot, the companion you choose to take will also have to be the most charming and socially at ease young woman at Ascot.

So, that said, we would like to put ourselves forward for your consideration. You knew it was coming of course. The girls we represent in London are among the best in the world, not merely the city. These flirty young ladies have come from all corners of the world and from all types of different studies and careers (some they are still pursuing). This makes them a really well rounded bunch of individuals who are likely to offer as much mental stimulation as they are physical!

Relax with a sensual massage after Royal Ascot

So, whether you decide to take one of the girls with you to the main event and go back to your hotel later, or you simply want an incall booking when you've been to Ascot alone, there's nothing better than a massage. Our companions are all excellent at the art of sensual massages, and it really is an art you know. There are many out there that say they can and simply end up rubbing your shoulders at the end of the night, but our girls are properly trained. Hence the name Butterfly Touch…

Tantric massage is only one option to choose from when you're in the company of one of these professionals. Nuru massage and body to body massage are also specialities. The feel of the warm Nuru gel as it is applied to your body with a pair of delicate hands with just the right amount of pressure, really is something you won't get just anywhere. End your day with an enormous smile on your face!

Have a wonderful day at the races!

2 June 2015

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High class men deserve high class activities

Not to mention high class London escorts of course! But that's another story altogether of course, we all know you're here for that anyway. We found a new place to go that might just fuse the old and the new together to get men interested again…

Interested in what you might ask? Well how about some of the traditions of our great nation? Some of the things we have become famous for over the last two centuries? We are of course referring to the title of this article, the evolution of afternoon tea. It's been a staple part of English society for centuries (well, high society mostly) but most men and a number of the London escorts we represent have become rather bored with it.

done at one of the loveliest boutique hotels in Soho. For the first time ever the predominantly feminine concept of "afternoon tea" has had a male make over!

London Sanctum hotel visiting escorts Soho

Sanctum – Soho

Sanctum is the boutique hotel in question and it's fast becoming very popular with a nice mixture of businessmen and international travellers who like to live life a little differently when they're in London. Different is certainly what their take on afternoon tea is. It will cost you around £50 for afternoon tea, but this includes as much English breakfast tea as you could drink, accompanied by enough food to call it lunch or dinner to be perfectly honest. Miniature hotpots, steak sandwiches, pasties and even Jack Daniels ice cream. You also get the opportunity to smoke cigars outside afterwards; complimentary of course. It's all presented in a truly rock n roll fashion too. You sit on leather chairs in a room that is adorned with "blokey" things!

So, does it work?

Well, if you're going to stand your food in front of a guitar amplifier it's not going to get a lot of attention anyway to tell the truth, so it doesn't matter how fancy it is for some men. However, presenting a man with a variety of snacks in the middle of the afternoon is of course a good idea; particularly if he's had a couple of pints at lunchtime! We will say that if this is the case, you really don't have to do anything to get the attention of these men, if there is food they would gladly sit in the Barbie section of Hamley's toy store to eat.

However, having said all that, when we saw it for ourselves we really did think it was pretty good. It's always nice to mix things up a bit. Before you think it's a total "sausage fest" at this afternoon tea, it really isn't. It's always been a woman thing, so they love it too, it's just a lot more accessible and enjoyable for the men too these days; and why not?

So why not meet one of our London escorts before or after; or even better, take them with you!

20 May 2015

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High class treatment for high class London escorts

You all like living in the lap of luxury with our high class London escorts we know, but do you know how to treat them? You really need to keep them sweet and treat them well; and here's how…

We know what you're thinking. You're thinking, hang on a minute, I'm paying for her time and company, why should I then have to get her gifts and buy her dinner etc? Well, if you don't know the answer to this question then you probably shouldn't be booking high class London escorts at all!

The truth of it is you actually don't have to. They're not likely to complain. However, you will earn extra "brownie points" for any efforts you do make. Even a nice bottle of champagne would suffice if you've got one of these high class London escorts coming to your hotel room. Sipping some Bollinger in your suite at The Dorchester with a beautiful young companion is enough to satiate any man's desires!

Designer bags for high class London escorts

You know all girls like bags of course? Well, if you don't you really should. However, when it comes to high class London escorts your choices have to be much more discerning. Saying that, you could probably get away with buying them a new bag as long as it was incredibly expensive; that's the general rule. What man really knows which bags to buy anyway? Try mentioning the name Bruno Frisoni to her and see what happens for example; even better buy her one of these bags (if you can afford it!)

Here are a few more handbag designer brands to watch out for if you're shopping for a special someone. Don't say we never help you out gentlemen!

High class London escorts gifts

    • Fendi Peekaboo

    • Marchesa Valentino

    • Prada

    • Valextra

    • Saint Laurent

    • Bottega Veneta

    • Proenza Schouler

High class beauty gifts

And what else do stunning young women love? It has to be either jewellery or perfume right? Wrong. Not necessarily. We have it on pretty good authority (i.e. from our girls) that arguably more important on a woman's preferred list are beauty products. Most women, despite their age, are looking for age defying lotions and potions, along with almost anything else that's going to complement their appearance. Here's a number of the top beauty products at the moment; some of these have a very expensive price tag!

    • Carita Diamant de Beaute Cream.   At nearly £400 for a small bottle, this fabled anti-ageing lotion claims to be made with real crushed diamond powder. We're not quite sure why they put diamonds in it; probably just to put a bigger price on it in our honest opinion.

    • Rouge Louboutin.   It's French to start with, so it's bound to be good right? Well, whether you understand spending over £400 on a bottle of nail polish or not, those women who like the finer things in life can. The value of this tiny bottle is mostly in… well, in the bottle, which is encrusted with crystals.

    • Signorina Eleganza.   There's nothing like splashing out on perfume when you want to impress. The woman you want to impress will really have to be worth it however, considering that this gold capped, diamond encrusted bottle will cost you over £25,000!

The best luxury of all has to be the choice high class London escorts

12 May 2015

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Sunshine in London!

The sun has got his hat on and it looks like he really is intending to stay with us for a while. So what can you get up to in the city during this lovely weather? Besides booking London escorts that is…

Not that we don't want you to book our girls of course, that would be silly, we just wanted to share a few things with you that you might like to indulge in whilst you're in our great city. There isn't much better for your well-being than fresh air and exercise, that much we all know; with the exception of London escorts for company that is! So with this in mind, take a look at some of the following ideas and get yourself outdoors this summer!

Sunshine in London!

The parks in London are magnificent indeed. Despite the sheer number of people in the city at any one time and the amount of traffic, these places remain in order to offer a little respite from modern living; and maybe feel the grass underneath your feet again. Our London escorts are all budding fitness enthusiasts too and they swear by the jogging in some of the bigger London parks. Perhaps you're interested in fitness too?

London agency escorts

    • Bushy Park

    • Green Park

    • Richmond Park

    • St. James's Park

    • Hyde Park

    • Regent's Park

    • Kensington Gardens

    • Greenwich Park

All of the above are excellent places to sit and eat some lunch on your own or with a friend. The beauty of the London parks is that there are enough of them to allow most people to bake themselves in the sunshine on their lunch hour!

Street food in London

Of course you can't stay fit all the time outdoors in London, there's too much food going around for that. However, like our London escorts, you could use your occasional indulgence with the street food to inspire a greater exercise routine!

    • Berwick Street Market

    • Borough Market

    • Southbank

    • Wapping Market

    • Brixton Night Market

    • Herne Hill Market

You can get everything from your healthy salad, to burritos, hot dogs and pizza. In fact the food in these markets comes from pretty much all over the world. We've tasted most of us, believe us, and we can tell you that it's good; not only that, the price isn't always too bad either; even for London. However, we would advise against buying hot dogs on Westminster Bridge, we paid a tenner each for one not long ago!

So now there's no excuse not to get out and about in the city, everything in the parks is free, all you'll have to pay for is your hot dog! Oh, and of course one of our lovely top London escorts a bit later on!

5 May 2015

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London escorts who love to massage your troubles away…

What do hot, sunny days need to end with? Hot, relaxing evenings with some of the finest London escorts you're ever likely to come across of course!

You don't have to do anything in particular to spend time with one of the lovely companions we have on offer in London today, all you have to do is relax. Most of our London escorts are all experts in massage and they like nothing more than to relax you at the end of a busy, hot and sticky afternoon at work. How about an assisted soapy shower or even a bubbly bath with a girl? You can have one of these, slip into a robe or towel and make yourself comfortable whilst they do all the work.

London hotel visiting escorts

The massage escorts

The London escorts you have the choice of, have lots of experience at all the massages you see listed on the website. Tantric, Nuru, body to body, you name it and these girls have done it many times before. They know exactly what it takes to make you thoroughly relaxed so you can naturally, without any effort at all, release the tensions of your mind and body in an unforced, climatic conclusion to their excellent service.

The girls come from all over the world and they all have very distinct characteristics that will eventually allow you choose a favourite (once you've tried them all that is!) You will find them all very chatty and delighted to be with you of course, and they will all look fantastic, dressed up to impress, but their personalities will always be different; we like to encourage a little individuality in our escort service.

Your discretion assured

The last thing you need to be worrying about when you're trying to unwind is discretion. Our policy is that we will never contact you, discreetness of our clients is paramount for us. The girl you go to see, or who comes to see you, will never reveal your identity or what has taken place between the two of you. We suggest that you extend the same courtesy to the London escorts you see too of course.

When you arrive at an incall apartment, or when your chosen companion meets you, do yourself a favour and switch your phone on silence. Just tell people it was playing up if they need to get in touch with you and can't. We say this because we want you to have a relaxing time and really enjoy the company of our girls; there's no point in trying to relax if you have unwanted distractions

So make your choice from our escorts gallery now!

27 April 2015

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Beware the cheap London escorts

Although we are not among the most expensive escort agencies in London, there are cheaper places you can get female escort, but we'd like to tell you they're not all they're cracked up to be!

The sad fact is that there are agencies out there that list literally anyone who looks pretty enough for you to desire her. It's perfectly understandable that you would be tempted by some provocative pictures of these London escorts, but you have to remember that they're not all they seems to be.

In some cases the agency will not even have met the companion you're looking at online. This is worrying when you have no idea if the pictures are genuine, or indeed where you might be strolling of to, in order to visit an incall apartment. The agency has no idea whether the girl is genuine, or even if she is trustworthy. It's not fair to say all cheap escorts agencies operate in this way, but they do exist, so be careful!

The dreaded phone box London escorts

London hotel visiting escorts

Actually it's pretty unfair to call these people "escorts" because as a matter of fact they are not. They're simply hookers. These girls often have no special skills or even any desire to get to know the person they are going to see. You should also be very careful about calling one of these numbers you find because you have literally no idea who you're going to see (and you certainly can't rely on the pictures in the phone box!) Do yourself a favour, if you want the company of a beautiful young woman, use a reputable escort agency in London.

Independent escorts

There are many great independent escorts out there at the moment, and indeed many of them offer excellent escort services in London too, but you should take special care. Our advice would be to use one of the better escort review sites to see if the independent you're going to see has been reviewed before; it's well worth it because, again, you really don't know what you're walking into.

You get what you pay for

After all this it should be pretty understandable that if you're paying a reasonable amount for a London escort from an escort agency website that's been around for a while and perhaps has its own reviews and others on independent review sites, you're onto a good thing and won't be ripped off. The mere fact that a reputable agency has so many girls listed with them and they have reviews should be enough to tell you that they wouldn't want to risk getting bad feedback on one of the girls they represent. It's for this reason you will find, like ourselves, that the agency has indeed met the girl they represent and know enough about her to trust her.

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20 April 2015

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Where do you take High Class London escort?

A good questions, particularly if you've never booked one of these elite young companions before. We've taken the time to give you some ideas where you can wine and dine some of the most beautiful women in London…

You will of course realise that the high class London escorts expect nothing but the best anyway. These girls are well used to dining out and meeting in the best hotels in London, so you'll need a few tips if you're planning on indulging yourself at this level.

    • Dinner by Heston Blumenthal. He has the very classy place at The Mandarin Oriental in Knightsbridge (another very classy place) and the food is said to be truly marvellous! Our high class London escorts are familiar with The Mandarin and many of them have eaten here before.

    • Mari Vanna in Knightsbridge. Again, another great restaurant in the more expensive area of London. You will find Mari Vanna to be the epitome of traditional Russian food in London and it's frequented by celebrities as well as the local Knightsbridge elite.

London hotel visiting escorts

    • The Ritz. Of course if you're staying here, why would you eat anywhere else when the restaurant is so very luxurious and the food is out of this world! The Ritz work hard to maintain their reputation and they do a very good job; you won't fail to impress here!

    • The Ledbury. For those who like the idea of fine French cuisine fused with classic English dishes too, The Ledbury offers an environment akin to those with good taste. This is certainly the place to take a beautiful young companion and get people's heads turning!

You can always go to their place!

Remember that you don't have to take the high class London escorts out and about, it's just nice for you both to get to know each other. These girls are quite used to getting to know gentlemen quickly and they are highly professional should you wish to meet them at their discreet incall apartments. You can also invite them to your hotel room of course, but remember to have a bottle of champagne at the ready; there's nothing like the bubbles to loosen things up a bit!

When you're ready to make a booking, browse and call us!

10 April 2015

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Becoming a London escort

There's a lot to be said for becoming a London escort. However, we're not going to go into the benefits of this career, you've more than likely decided that already. We are going to tell you just what will be expected from you…

Firstly, having mentioned the word "career" it's important that you take this career seriously because that's precisely what it is. If you do indeed want to become an elite London escort you need to focus on your career with a lot of effort; if you don't you will end up at a lower class and perhaps not represented by the right escorts agency for you.

London escorts attributes

We decided to make the following criteria really quite strict, simply because at our agency in particular we insist on the best of the best and we grow tired of entertaining applications from those who simply do not meet even the minimum requirements for becoming a London escorts. Please check through the list and if you still think you have what it takes we are sure any escorts agency in London would be glad to have you: Become London agency escort

    • Flawless and natural beauty

    • Fit, trim and well-proportioned figure

    • Have a good general level of intelligence

    • Have fluent English language skills

    • Be able to converse on a number of levels

    • Be attentive to your client

    • Be prepared to travel

    • Be able to handle any social or business event

    • Be always perfectly dressed and groomed

Specialist London escort skills

When it comes to escorting in London however, even the criteria you've read above may not always be enough to help you succeed where others have failed. This is why, we among many other agencies, like to represent escorts with special skills. The perfect example for us obviously is that the beautiful young women we list all have excellent massage skills and thoroughly enjoy doing it your job. Have a think about any special abilities or skills you have before you apply to any agency; it might just get you registered with one of the best agencies in the city!

Getting the right agency for representation

As we mentioned earlier, it's incredibly important to get the right agency. This needs to be done by applying to the high class escorts websites out there first. If you firmly believe that you have what it takes from the list of qualities above, you will need to aim high in the beginning. The best escort agencies in London will only ever represent the best escorts; this is how it should be and how it always will be.

If you like the idea of becoming a companion on our website then go to our employment page and sign up…

5 April 2015

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Take a break from life with a London escort

Everyone seems to be banging on about elections at the moment. People are overly concerned with the trivialities of life and never seem to take a break for themselves…

Well, we say to hell with these weekend spa breaks and having dinner with a friend in order to complain about your woes. What's needed is some pure indulgence and the only way you're going to get this is with a London escort who can cater to your every need, communicate effectively and actually help you unwind.

However, there are certain "spa treatments" that we wouldn't turn our noses up at and we're sure you would agree. Massage is a gift send from the gods in order to enable us to realise how important it actually is to take a break from the rat race and regroup. London escorts are well versed in the problems of modern day business and culture and they know the cure.

London escort

Massage escorts in London

This is the reason so many young companions in the escort industry have taken the time to learn the various crafts associated with intimate massage. This is the difference between a high class London escort and the lesser quality companions available. A massage escort is your best friend, simply because they have this unique skill set that will provide you with the relaxation you really need at the end of the day.

Imagine if you will, one of the stunning young women you see on our website, turning up to your hotel room. Can you imagine that same girl sitting you down on a chair and taking her time and attention to relieve the stress from your shoulders before perhaps indulging in a more intimate body to body massage? Some of the moves and oils our elite companions have will take you to heights of pleasure and relaxation that you've never dreamed of.

Life is too alone sometimes

You know, at the end of the day guys, life can be very lonely, even if you're at work all the time. If you've ever wondered what it would be like to do something different, something out of the box, something that's missing from every modern man's life, then you're in the right place. Get the companionship you want from a relationship, without all the hassle that goes with it and call one of our London escorts.

You will never regret a moment of the time spent with one of our girls…

28 March 2015

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Escort Etiquette: The basics

We thought it prudent to give you some idea of what our girls expect from you in return for their time, attention, and if you're lucky, affection…

It is actually all about making your time with the London escort you choose as exciting and as enjoyable as humanly possible, and you won't get this if you don't treat her right! Who on this earth is going to want to be nice to you, no matter how much you're paying them, if you're going to be a hideous creature when it comes to presenting yourself and entertaining?



Please be on time. It's only polite to stick to the time you've chosen if the agency/girl you've booked has agreed it. You are not the only important person in the world. On busy days good escort agencies leave 30 minutes between bookings. If you're going to be late you may well interfere with other bookings making it hard for the agency to contact later clients and get them to move their time slot.

Also, some London escorts work for a number of agencies and they may well have to inform them about any delays. So you can appreciate we're sure that when you're ten minutes late it creates a world of trouble for a load of other people who you couldn't probably comprehend. If you're going to be late, or you're not going to show, for goodness sake please call the agency and let us know.


None of our London escorts are expecting Christian Grey of course, but it's nice for them if they meet clean and respectable gentlemen. These aren't $50 whores we're talking about here! The girls we represent (indeed most agencies in the London area represent) are high class, beautiful and very talented individuals.

Most of you like to come to nice and clean environment and you expect the companion you have chosen to be perfectly groomed and dressed to impress etc. but it's important that you follow your own expectations here. If you want your London escort to get "close" to you in specific ways then you're going to have to make an effort to make sure every inch of your body is clean and smelling rosey!

Gentlemanly behaviour

There is a rather strange assumption that runs through some clients' minds. They seem to be under the impression that London escorts are in fact robots, there to do their every bidding without question. This of course is a huge load of rubbish, and the quicker all clients get this through their heads the better in our opinion. You need to be a gentleman at all times, regardless of circumstance.

In particular, if there is a service you would like from your chosen companion, the polite thing to do would be to ask and not to simply expect. It's important to get these things cleared up and out of the way at the beginning of your booking too, rather than create a problem during. Of course, you can make all these questions known to our receptionists, or actually take the information from the girls' individual bios on the site.

Choose your London escort girl from our gallery and   Have a wonderful time!

18 March 2015

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Why do escorts like to massage?

Unlike many other escort agencies we actually try to communicate with the girls we represent and we have a very good idea about why they do what they do. Over the next few weeks we will let you into a few facts (and occasionally confessions) about the girls and what they do…

Some would say they like to massage because they don't have to spend so much time doing anything else. This of course might be true for some girls, but not for the girls we represent. All the companions listed on our website are under no illusions as to what is expected from a London escort and they are all physically and mentally capable and prepared to ensure you have the time of your life. They really do love what they do.

London massage escorts service agency

Which brings us neatly onto answer the question in the title. The primary reason escorts like to massage is because they love doing it. Many of the girls we have at the agency have trained for a number of months in order to fully master the art of sensual massage; particularly some of the more technical massages we offer. You can find a full list of massage services here.

It's all about getting to know you

It goes a little further than simply enjoying it of course. Massaging their clients gives the girls the perfect opportunity to get to know them better. In much the same way as taking a London escort to dinner before a more intimate encounter later on, allows an escort to relax and understand the needs of her client more, a massage works in a similar way. There is a strange magnetism and attraction that occurs when the masseuse you choose lays her hands on you for the first time; it's not totally dissimilar to a kind of healing process in many respects! Once the girl of your choice has her hands on you, she begins to trust you and you begin to trust her. If you can totally relax whilst she runs her hands over your body, you will automatically make her relax too. Do these girls need to be relaxed? Well of course they do. The more relaxed a girl is in your presence the more she is likely to enjoy herself… And we all know what that mean right?

So come on! Let's get to know these girls a little better…

12 March 2015

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Get value for money on your stay in London

Last week we mentioned hotel suites in some of the best London hotels. This week we're going to look at those that won't costs you as much, thus allowing you to indulge in some of the many other delights London has to offer…

It's not all about spending a fortune and living in the lap of luxury when you travel to London. If you're an international businessman, or perhaps you're just travelling to London from elsewhere in the UK on business, you may not always be able to afford the best of the best; or indeed, if your company is paying for your stay you may be on a strict budget. We wouldn't want you to spend excessive amounts of money on your hotel when you'd much rather spend that bit of spare cash you have on a stunning London escorts. So, we've taken the liberty of suggesting a few centrally located hotels that concentrate more on budget than luxury.

London hotel visiting escorts

    • Easy Hotel. When it comes to latching onto the EasyJet franchise you'd expect this hotel to be affordable and you wouldn't be disappointed. Set in a lovely area of Belgrave Road, Easy Hotel offers all the comforts you're likely to need at a price that will allow you to do a little more sightseeing whilst you're in the city, maybe catch a show, and more importantly book a little escort company for your stay.

    • The Comfort Inn. Also in Belgrave Road in Westminster, The Comfort Inn is the place you will find those shoppers who have simply overdone it and decided to stay in London for the night, or those on a day visit for business. Close to where everything is happening The Comfort Inn really is in the best location. Complimentary Wi-Fi and many of the comforts you would expect in any hotel are all present here.

    • Central Hotel. For less than £100 you can have it all here and you'll be right in the middle of everything. You'll find Central Hotel easily accessible in Argyle Street with excellent room rates and all the facilities and privacy you're going to need for a brief stay in the city. Their website highlights a number of special offers too, so it's worth taking a look there before you plan your visit to the city.

You can rest assured that all of the girls we represent are perfectly happy to visit you in any of these hotels. We have vast experience with restaurants and hotels in the London area (in fact all aspects of entertainment and hospitality) and we wouldn't mention a hotel that wasn't up to scratch in our professional opinion.

Value for money London escorts

That's right, you can also get a lot of value for money with one of the lovely girls in our gallery. We are not only one of the most reasonably priced escort agencies in the city, but we also offer companions that are actually trained masseuses, who love to spend plenty of time making their clients feel totally relaxed. When you book through Butterfly Touch you will get a professional massage and much more besides!

Get your own escort masseuse now!

7 March 2015