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Hot in London for our escorts

8 July 2019

We all know that they’re hot of course. This is an indisputable fact. But today we’re talking about the weather as well as our lovely girls. The thing about hot London escorts and hot weather is that they mix really well together, but they do also present their own new set of problems to deal with. This weather is perfect for sexy, revealing outfits and walking through Hyde Park in a wavy summer dress, but it’s not so hot for the girls stuck inside their apartments waiting for your phone call. So we guess we’re writing this brief article as a type of explanation, as well as an appeal for a little understanding about this fantastic hobby we all enjoy, and how the weather effects it.

Summertime brings out the girls

It’s as though they all went into hiding over the past few months isn’t it? As soon as the sun comes out, they creep out in their sun dresses and sandals, all made up and ready to attract the men. Then you get those that get all snooty with you if you look at them. It’s all very funny and it’s all part of the mating ritual that’s been the same for centuries. But it’s not like this for all these incall London escorts. Oftentimes they have to stay in most of the day, waiting to see if they get a call so they can be ready. Sometimes if they’re close to a park, they’ll go out and enjoy the weather, but most of the time they want to be close to their apartment so that they can get back and get ready if they have a booking. So much of their time is sitting about waiting. Imagine how that feels on a hot day when you don’t get any bookings.

Another thing to keep in mind is that not all of the escort girls in London have air conditioning. It’s all a matter of where they can get an apartment in the first instance, but then it’s also a matter of whether or not they can buy an air conditioner and do all the organising to get it delivered to their flat. Many of these girls are not British escorts and it’s sometimes just too much of a hassle to order things and sort all that out.

Hot busty London escort agency girl Juliette


So we guess what we’re saying is, try your best to understand their predicament when you turn up to their place all hot and bothered. Yes you’re aggravated by the heat and you’re in desperate need of a shower, but you haven’t been baking in a hot apartment all day waiting for the phone to ring. You have no doubt been in a nice air conditioned office somewhere.

Now, if you can appreciate this level of professionalism, then you’re going to make them very happy indeed. Understand that they may be feeling a bit fed up because they desperately want a little sunshine, so when you come in complaining about the sun, it’s going to feel like a kick in the teeth. They are however, as we said, very professional, and would never make you feel uncomfortable and certainly not unwelcome. They deserve commending for their enthusiasm.


So if you’ve been out in the heat, the chances are you are sweaty when you arrive. Take the shower when they ask you, and don’t make them feel awkward about asking you. It’s just polite and you will actually feel much better after it anyway. Have a refreshing shower and then have the time of your life with one of our best London escort agency!

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