Brains and beauty with East European escorts

London Massage Escorts Agency Butterfly Touch blog from 30 November 2018

It’s not all about beauty you know! Well, alright, it is initially, we can’t argue with that. We wouldn’t very well have a website full of sexy pictures of these Eastern European escort girls if that wasn’t what most men go for initially. We could very well put the girls’ CVs up there could we? Or a list of their hobbies and the books they’ve read? That’s not going to interest anyone. But it’s once you’re acquainted that you begin to see more than the body and the face, it’s then that it becomes a real experience!

You have to engage

The East European escorts we have are all very bright women. They speak good English, they all have great stories to tell, they’re funny and very intelligent. These girls have thoughts and opinions, and all they need to release them is a man who wants to listen and experience. But that’s one of the main points we’re trying to make today, you have to engage with your girl first, otherwise she’s just likely to think you’re not interested.

And this is fine, don’t worry. Our Eastern European escorts are more than happy with any type of date, and they have no expectations at all about their clients, high or low. They’re just happy to be spending time with you, having fun and getting paid handsomely for the honour of course! But if you take them up on that first drink when they ask you, and you asked them a little about themselves, you’re in for a real treat.

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Laughs and stories

Just because these girls are mostly from the other side of the world, it doesn’t mean for a moment that they’re not highly intelligent, and have a shed load of stories they could share with you. When you actually stop and listen to them, it’s sometimes quite hilarious. They need a very good sense of humour for this job anyway, as we’re sure you can imagine.

Besides, all those different cultures to understand and learn about? What’s not to love about that? You may even learn a thing or two of these lovely East European escorts you know. They’re keen to teach you a few tricks we’re sure!

Extended bookings

This is another reason we recommend that you book a little extra time with our girls. It’s not just for our benefit you know. It’s to increase the order value yes of course, but it’s much more geared towards the value you’re going to get from going that extra level further with the girls at Butterfly Touch. Try booking two instead of one hour for a change. And when you’re truly up for it, why not book an overnight escort experience, there really is nothing like it!