Replacing your lover with a London escort

London Massage Escorts Agency Butterfly Touch blog from 5 November 2018

That's the wrong thing to say really, we realise, but it's a good starting point for this article. It's all about the alleviation of break up pain by using the London female escorts community. Depending on the circumstances of your break up, we realise that you can't simply replace a partner with an hour or two in the company of a fabulous looking female London escort.

After all, you may have invested years in your relationship. We wouldn't care to trivialise that, this is not our intention at all. Once you get to know someone, even a little, you soon become so emotionally invested in their life, that to lose then is inevitably painful.

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Almost her

Yes, whilst a London escort won't be your new lover, she'll "almost do". Like the old song goes – "Almost Blue". She doesn't have to be anyone, she's there to make you feel better, nothing else. To help you forget, if only for the night, if only for an hour or two for goodness sake. This is something that our escorts are incredibly good at by the way. They're not counsellors, but they will certainly be able to distract you when you need distracting. Hell, the mere sight of them when you meet, really ought to be enough!

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Don't go distraught

There's a little tip for you. Going along to see one of the escort girls when you're a little depressed or sad is fine, but don't go if you are beside yourself. It's simply not the time to try this step in the "getting over her" process if you're like that. Take your time. The last thing you (or an escort girl) need is to turn up to an incall booking drunk as a skunk and near to tears, expecting one of our escort girls to make it all go away for you. They're not miracle workers, and your emotions need time to heal. We're part of the next step, when you want to forget about the relationship and gain a little confidence back.

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Remember it's a temporary measure

This is for all those men who are relationship material. Those of you who love being in a relationship and get a lot out of it. When you use London escorts to help you get past the emotional difficulties you're having post breakup, there can be a tendency not to recognise that you're ready to date again! This is no joke either. If you can afford to book our female escorts and have a good time, you could well get so used to that way of life that you simply stop looking for regular girls. This is alright if it's what you want, but you need to keep asking yourself what it is you want, and be aware that the longer you leave it before you move on, the harder it may become.

As always, you're welcome to our advice!