What do you know about Punternet?

London Massage Escorts Agency Butterfly Touch blog from 4 October 2018

If you’re a serious punter (meaning a man who books UK escorts on a regular basis) then you’ll know what we’re talking about. Basically speaking, it’s an escort review website…

A valuable service

We don’t think that Punternet really know just how valuable they are to everyone involved actually. You’re a client more than likely. How good is it that you can go and read what another client has said about an escort you’re planning to book? That’s got to be useful right? In much the same way as you would read the reviews for a washing machine online before you went ahead and bought it, you can do the same for an escort!

For the girl and the agency

Obviously, it’s good for us to get a review on there. We believe we have one on there from years ago (and it’s a good one!), but we’d really like some new ones if you’re up to the task. When a client like yourself reads a good review for a girl on an independent site, he’s much more likely to book. Rather than just look at some pictures on our website of course. In fact, that’s one of the best things about independent review sites. They can tell others whether the pictures of a girl on the website are genuine or heavily retouched etc.

And let’s not forget the UK escorts that rely on these reviews of course. When an escort gets a good review, like the escort agency, she gets more work. They’re not working all the time you know. Sometimes a girl doesn’t get many bookings and she gets herself all worried about it. But if you leave reviews for her here and there, she has many more opportunities.

We can’t guarantee that we have reviews

We have many regular and loyal clients here at Butterfly Touch, but we’re not sure they always review our girls on independent sites anywhere. If you are one of these valued clients, it would be lovely if you would look into it for future reference. You don’t have to give them any personal details and they never contact you. It’s literally anonymous. You book a girl, and you go along there and tell the rest of us what your experience was like. Simple!

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