Busy over Christmas? Our London escorts intend to be…

So the point we're making here is that we're going to have London escorts available to you over Christmas and the New Year. Many of the girls have gone away for the season, but there are plenty left for you to choose from!

So when you're sitting there at home, or in some rented apartment in London, watching re-runs of Only Fools and Horses, you could actually be with one of the best London escorts in the city. Why put up with the telly (especially The Wizard of Oz!) when you could be in the company of an exquisite young woman with only you on her mind?

All types of London escorts available

We're proud to say that, even with our somewhat lessened number of girls available, we still have a very good choice. We have young, teenage London escorts, we have older, more mature escorts, and we have girls who offer a massively diverse range of services. This is what makes us one of the best escort agency. There are agencies who just concentrate on the look of the girls, and to some extent their personalities. These things are incredibly important of course, but the range of services is very important too.

London escorts services

Some of you will already know that all of our London escorts offer massage services, but you might not know the extent of them. It's not just standard sensual massage you know, most of the girls have had a lot of practice with tantric massage, bathing rituals, four hands massage, body to body and more.

Now onto some of those "other services!" The girls we represent are pretty open-minded London escorts and they'd very much like us to tell you about some of their other services. You can see a full list of what they like to do on their individual profiles, but here's a little summary:

Best London escorts available over Christmas
  • A-levels
  • OWO
  • CIM
  • Dirty talk
  • Stripping
  • BDSM
  • French kissing
  • Foot fetish
  • And so much more…

As we said, take a look at the individual profiles and you'll get an excellent idea of what the girls like. Some of them like to charge a little extra for "special" services, but we're sure you won't be too concerned about when you realise just how talented they are. Please also be aware that the London escorts we represent will only do what they want to do, and there are no guarantees of anything!

Please take the time to browse the gallery…

22 December 2015

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Why is chemistry so important for London escorts?

We've all heard this word "chemistry" before, yet so many of us fail to understand the importance of it in a variety of different relationships and environments…

Some would argue that the chemistry between escort and client isn't important at all, and to those people we would say that if you're happy with a very standard service, good luck to you. To anyone else we would be quick to point out that London escorts are human beings and not robots. The happier and more relaxed they are in your company, the better the experience is going to be for all involved!

A relaxed escort is as necessary as a relaxed client

The girls we represent will always tell you that they like to relax their clients as quickly as possible to get rid of any tension. It's all about the massage usually when it comes to this. If one of these massage escorts can get you in a chair and go to work on your neck and shoulder then you'll be in a much better position to enjoy the rest of your evening.

The same can be said of the escort of course. If she is in the company of a relaxed, confident, engaging and polite gentleman, she will be far more open to suggestion and enjoy your company as much as you enjoy hers. You don't have to be a millionaire or look like Brad Pit, but it will always help if you mind your manners and treat your chosen companion with mutual respect.

Kissing London escorts

Some services require good chemistry

When you browse the list of services you will notice that some of them have remarks about chemistry on them. This is particularly prevalent with French kissing. If you'd like to kiss your chosen London escort you have to tick a couple of boxes: firstly you'll have to make sure she wants you to, and secondly in the majority of cases your chosen companion will only want to kiss someone she has a good chemistry with. This is a good thing gents, because it means that the girls we represent won't just do anything for the money regardless of whether or not they actually like it; these girls have to like what they're doing, otherwise they simply wouldn't do them!

So get to work on your chemistry boys… And no, we don't mean in a test tube with a Bunsen burner!

14 December 2015

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Where are the best escorts in London?

Well now, this depends on the type of escorts you're looking for really doesn't it? There are so many different types of escorts in London that it would be pretty impossible to tell you all their locations…

However, you will often find the best escorts in London are located in the busiest places. For instance, there will be no shortage of escorts in Paddington, or perhaps Kings Cross. Or when you come to think of it, escorts in London will always be in greater number around stations where there is a large volume of commuters. We're not saying that commuters are the biggest clients, but they certainly make up a large quantity.

Escorts in London choose the affluent areas too

Why? Well, isn't it obvious why? We won't insult your intelligence by explaining this! But where are these "affluent" areas? Could be anywhere in London the way house prices are going at the moment right? No, but seriously for a moment. We're talking about Knightsbridge, Fitzrovia, Chelsea, Mayfair etc. All the places where the average person feels a little inferior doing their shopping basically!

The escorts in London do like to live the high life, so their reasons are a little beyond the affluent gentlemen that reside in these areas. If you're going to party and dine out in style in London, then these are the areas in which to do so. It's in these places where you're likely to meet some of the richest and most powerful people in the world, not to forget a few celebrities here and there too of course!

Blu Bar London

    • The Blue Bar - The Berkeley, Wilton Place. No, it's not like The Blue Oyster, and you won't get a bunch of guys dancing in leather trousers, sporting unfashionable moustaches! This is one of the most exclusive bars in Knightsbridge and its home is the very high class Berkeley Hotel. Great place to meet escorts in London.


Buddah Bar London

    • Buddha Bar - 145 Knightsbridge. Virtually everyone has heard of this place right? One of the funkiest, most fashionable places to hang out in Knightsbridge if you "in with the in crowd." Even if you don't meet escorts in here, you'll certainly meet some other very interesting and sexy people.


Mandarin Oriental London

    • Mandarin Bar - Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, 66 Knightsbridge. You don't have to stay at The Mandarin to drink at the bar. Although, if you do get chance to stay in the hotel, you won't regret it. The bar is a very stylish and plush place to meet your escort. It will certainly show her that you've got the money to back up the look! Get some champagne and kick back in this very upmarket lounge bar.


So, whether you're in with this crowd or not, make sure you try your best to at least experience one of these places with a London escort. It's something that you'll remember for the rest of your life! Drinks with a beautiful young woman, who is guaranteed to be into you! What more could you want?

Book yourself escorts in London today and do yourself a favour!

21 September 2015

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