What is an exclusive London escort?

There seem to be so many different types of London escorts these days, it’s often hard to keep up. Exclusive escorts are just one group of girls that require a little explaining…

Some believe that exclusive means elite, or somehow extra special, or excellent quality. Whist exclusive escorts often are indeed extra special, that’s not what it really means. Exclusive London escorts are girls that are represented exclusively by one agency. In other words, if you see that one of our girls is exclusive, you won’t be able to book her anywhere else in the city. That includes independently too! Sounds good right? Well, it really is, and here’s why.

Why book an exclusive London escort?

When you find a good agency, finding out that they have exclusive escorts is the next best thing indeed! Firstly, a you can’t book her anywhere else, as we’ve just explained, but more importantly, no-one else can. You see where we’re going here don’t you? This means that she’s doesn’t do a ridiculous amount of bookings. Some girls who are listed with so many agencies, do far too many bookings. We don’t encourage this at Butterfly Touch or course, even though we have no control over that sort of thing. We find that most of the girls who actually do list with other agencies, still have good common sense when it comes to taking on bookings.

After all, you can’t be overly enthusiastic about seeing a client if you’ve seen so many recently can you? This is an excellent reason to book exclusive girls. One of our best exclusive escorts is the very lovely Christy, a European brunette in Chelsea who does both incall and outcall bookings.

Browse all the girls and pick up the phone

It’s the same with any of the girls at Butterfly Touch, if you have any questions at all, pick up the phone. You can ask us anything you need to over the phone. We have dedicated receptionists at the agency who all know the girls well. They will be able to answer any of your questions, take your bookings, or offer you advice on choosing an alternative should the girl you want be unavailable.

Butterfly Touch – Always here to help!

17 November 2016

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