You need GFE London escorts in your life!

Of course you do! Well, we all need London escorts in our life, but there really is something particularly special about those who offer GFE services…

London GFE escorts

For those of you who are struggling, GFE means "girlfriend experience." It's something that should really only be used by those London escorts who are capable of offering the experience, yet sadly it's used by virtually all escorts. This is a problem in our eyes, since it devalues the phrase. It takes a lot more than simply pretending to be your girlfriend, to be a truly good GFE London escort.

GFE escorts from Butterfly Touch

People get lonely. Hell, people are getting more and more lonely all the time in this world; particularly so in London. It's a busy place, there is little time to meet people, and yet we all need that someone special in our life. This is one of the main reasons that London escorts have become increasingly more popular over recent years. Particularly London escorts who have good personalities, those who are genuinely friendly and offer what they like to call "the girlfriend experience."

You see, the real GFE should be about companionship as well as sensuality and flirtation. You should be able to talk to your London escort, whether you decide to go out to dinner, or you simply decide on an incall booking at her apartment. It's about feeling a connection above all else. The GFE London escorts you will find at Butterfly Touch are all incredibly attentive and highly affectionate. They have actually been chosen because of these qualities. And these qualities are not as common as you might think with London escorts these days.

Booking GFE escorts

You can book with confidence from Butterfly Touch. This is mainly because we are a relatively small agency, run by professionals who know a thing or two about the industry and just what our clients look for in an escort. Anyone can list girls all over a website and then blindly trust that the girls will do a good job, but that's not enough for us. We know all the girls very well indeed. We are a friendly, intimate team of girls who really love what we do.

Get yourself the GFE London escort you know you really deserve from Butterfly Touch – Call us today!

25 March 2016

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