Waiting for your Sloane Square escort

We’ve been thinking about all you gentlemen out there that end up hanging around on the street in the pouring rain, ambling up and down, waiting for your Sloane Sqaure escort to be ready.

Not all of you do of course. Some of you are familiar with the area and have some favourite places you like to go etc. but this article is for those of you who don’t know what to do with yourself. Yes, it’s sometimes a nerve-racking experience, especially if you’ve never seen this particular Chelsea escort before, but there are places you can go to wait once you’ve got that confirmation text.

  • The Botanist – 7 Sloane Square. This is a nice place to go when you’ve got time to kill. Where better to wait for your Sloane Square escort than an all day restaurant? At least this way you can grab a bite to give you the extra energy you may well need, and perhaps a cocktail to calm your nerves! It’s light and airy, very relaxed and reasonably priced considering where it’s located.

  • Bart’s – Chelsea Cloisters, 87 Sloane Avenue. It’s all fun here! This is where some of the Chelsea escorts actually hang out when they’ve got some free time with their buddies! It’s a nice little (not so secret) speakeasy bar in Chelsea Cloisters apartment building. A great atmosphere, great cocktails and live music. Hell, if your escort is already in Chelsea Cloisters, you might as well have a drink here!
  • Sloane Square escort from Butterfly Touch

    We have a few escorts in Sloane Square and a number located nearby. It’s a popular area for girls like this for two reasons. They love the area for the shopping and the social life, and secondly, they love the wealthy clients that live and work in the area! It’s common sense really isn’t it? You wouldn’t put a McDonald’s restaurant in a village with only ten houses and no children would you? London escorts go where there’s a demand, and a Sloane Square escort goes where there are classy clients!

    Take a little look at our busty blonde Sloane Square escort Izabella. She’s located close to you and she’s a lot of fun. There’s also Angelina – a very cute brunette – nearby, and the lovely, curvy and naturally busty Brenda (very classy and simply gorgeous!)




    Have lots of fun in this part of town, that’s what these girls are there for!

    22 April 2017

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    London Kensington escorts dining at The Goring

    What a place to stay, what a place to eat! Everything is special about The Goring. But if you're going to take London Kensington escorts there to dine, you'd better be sure they're VIP companions and they know how to handle themselves in such luxury…

    It's no good booking one of those London Kensington escorts for £100 and hoping she has the social grace to negotiate this illustrious place, or worse still one of those dreadful call girls you see advertising in phone boxes! No, what you need is a real VIP companion to join you. Someone who knows how to keep a conversation going, someone who doesn't just look beautiful, they exude elegance and style. Someone who is capable of capturing your entire being, capable of inspiring you.

    VIP London Kensington escorts dining out in style

    The Goring London Kensington

    For isn't that the reason we spoil ourselves to life's luxurious like a stay at The Goring, or even just dinner there? The Goring is a truly remarkable place. It was established back in the 1920s and has remained as the last family run hotel in London! It's their attention to detail and personal service that has afforded them this many years in business. The style of the place is simply exquisite and we can't go into enough detail here sadly; however, a quick visit to their website will fill you in with the details you need.

    The restaurant at The Goring has to be up to scratch in order to match up to the rest of the place! They have worked very hard to establish a fine English, traditionally based restaurant offering both classic and more contemporary dishes that will suit virtually any visitor. Michelin Chef Shay Cooper keeps a very watchful eye over the menus and kitchen and it's because of him that The Goring has claimed three AA Rosettes! It's a particular favourite of those who travel in from other countries and want to sample classic English upper class hospitality.

    Who do we have in the area?

    Izabella, Anna, Julia, Christy and Joly are all located in Kensington should you wish to book an appointment to see them after dinner or whilst you're out and about seeing the sights of our fair city. Whilst we are confident that any of these girls would be perfect to take to dinner at The Goring, Julia and Joly are what we consider as VIP London Kensington escorts. They offer different services, details of which can be seen on their individual profiles.

    We are certain that you're going to have a tremendous time…

    30 July 2015

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