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Getting what you need from your London escort

We don’t profess to know what goes on between a London escort and her client when they’re alone together, and we don’t even want to guess. But we do know plenty about getting that basic human need from a companion.

What goes on between an escort and her client is a matter of privacy between two consenting adults and what they decide to do. We operate in an introductory capacity only, representing the girl and putting her in touch with the client who wishes to spend time with her. We have to remember of course that these young women are vibrant, sexy and excitable creature, and they’re bound to get carried away now and again. But this would perhaps depend on the company they keep of course!

You need companionship from your London escort

Whether you know it or not, we do. The most fundamental thing about seeing a London escort is the fact that you’re getting the company of a lovely young woman. Not to mention that she’s a professional young woman, who is well used to spending time with men in a companionship capacity. They’re all highly experienced at entertaining and putting their clients first. They are well aware that a client is more than likely coming to see them because they’re lonely, and they may well sometimes be down or upset. Whilst the London escorts we represent are not by any shake of the dice, counsellors, they are very good at cheering their clients up in the sometimes very brief time they are afforded.

Special skills

We are permitted to tell you about some of the London escorts’ special skills however. Many of the girls at Butterfly Touch are incredibly talented masseuses. This isn’t common with many escort agencies in London to be honest, but we didn’t start out to be representing escorts in the beginning you see. The girls we have who do wonderful sensual massages, have simply been with us for many years and have evolved to offer full London escort services. There’s really nothing like having a nice massage to relax you when you’ve been having a particularly rough week, or even a rough day.

Want to know something? Ask us!

If you want to know anything about the girls, or whether or not they do indeed offer any sensual massage services, simply call us at the agency and our friendly receptionist should be able to help you out. If there’s something we’re not sure about, we’ll just ask the girl in question and get straight back to you.

Go and check out all the girls in the gallery now and choose your favourite!

11 June 2017

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Can you get a Nuru massage from a London escort?

The short answer is yes, of course you can. When it comes to Nuru massage, you really couldn’t have picked a better London escort agency either. Butterfly Touch happen to represent some of the most talented masseuses in the city today.

What is Nuru massage?

Some of you might not be fully aware of what Nuru massage actually is. It’s perfectly understandable, particularly if you came here looking for escorts and not massages! A Nuru massage is one of the best London massages you could possibly get, in our personal opinion. Believe us when we say that we’ve indulged ourselves before!

Nuru massage relies on the use of a specific massage gel call Nuru gel. It’s one of the most slipperiest substances on the planet. In actual fact it’s a lubricant designed specifically for sensual massage. It works best of all during a body to body massage, which is practically every Nuru experience of course. If you’re not familiar with body to body, just use your imagination!

Talented London escorts

The London escorts we represent are all good at massage, but some of the specialise in certain types. You will find out more about each of the escorts we list on their individual profiles, there’s a list of their massage skills there for you. You can rest assured that if it’s written there, they’ll be highly proficient at giving that service. We are not, and never have been, an agency that boasts skills our girls don’t actually have. We want your repeat business, so we’re not likely to risk your disappointment.

So in answer to our original question, yes you can get a Nuru massage from a London escort. What’s more is that you’re booking this massage from an escort, so you get all her escorting skills and knowledge on top of her massage abilities. Talk about multi-talented!

The only way to experience it, is to book it! Call Butterfly Touch at your earliest convenience.

03 December 2016

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Inviting a massage escort to your hotel

Some people are more than a little concerned about booking a massage escort to come to their hotel room. This is understandable, and to many there's nothing we could say or do to put their mind at rest, but considering that booking some company has become increasingly more popular, there really isn't that much to worry about…

And that's the primary argument we're trying to make here. Obviously we run an escorts agency in London, and the girls we represent are all very talented masseuses, but whether you book with us or not, it really is becoming a very natural thing to do. We live in a world where it's more stressful, where more people visit the city and more and more people are accepting that the old taboos are quite literally that – "old."

London massage escorts


Because of the increasing popularity of escort services throughout the city, you will find most hotels very accommodating. Obviously you're not going to advertise the fact you have an escort coming to visit you, but in some instances you will be required to let them know at reception if you're expecting a guest. However, don't for one second worry about this, the hotel staff are more than used to this kind of thing. Professionals come and go in hotels all the time to visit guests and there's no reason why the staff should care any more about who you have visiting you.

This is particularly so if you are staying in a hotel with keycard elevators. A simple call down to reception to inform them that you're expecting someone should suffice. For those who don't have keycards, you don't need to worry about a thing. Speaking for ourselves, and we think the majority of professional escort agencies in the city, the girls you book are very experienced and very discreet.

People get outcall massage services all the time

They really do. In London it's more common than you'd think. This is the same at every level too, whether you're staying in a five star luxury hotel or somewhere cheaper. When people come to London on business, they don't always have the time to go out and get a massage. Who has the time to look into this sort of thing anyway to be perfectly honest? They would much rather alleviate the stresses and strains of their day in their hotel room with a relaxing sensual massage. You booking a massage escort to keep you company is as commonplace as any visiting professional.

Meet in the bar or lobby

If you would still rather your massage escort didn't come to your room, there's always the option of meeting her somewhere else. The bar or the lobby are both great of course, depending on where you're staying. We would probably argue that the bar is best, since you will be enabled that very special opportunity to get to know the girl you've booked. Having a glass of wine with a beautiful young woman in a cosy lounge bar, before going back to your room, is an incredibly enlightening experience and you won't regret doing it for one moment.

Start by browsing some of the very best massage escorts in London…

20 November 2015

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Massage escorts at The Baglioni

The Baglioni really is a high class hotel. In fact it's one of the swankiest places to stay in the whole of London. This is the type of place you stay if you really don't care how much you're spending on your stay, and it's the perfect place to have our massage escorts visit you for a little evening entertainment!

The rooms at The Baglioni are actually ideal for a visit from one of our massage escorts, because they're really spacious, with great facilities. Our massage escorts can perhaps indulge you in our specialist bath ritual soapy massage. All the girls you see in the gallery enjoy doing this for their clients and when you get to do it at a hotel like The Baglioni it's even better. Considering that the bathrooms are large, with marble floors and mirrored walls, it's quite a spectacular experience to spend it with one of our girls! London massage escorts

The suites at The Baglioni

They deserve a special mention of course. As do all the suites at any five star London hotel. They are as follows:

  • Executive Suite £840
  • Deluxe Suite £765
  • Junior Executive Suite £660
  • Junior Deluxe Suite £550
  • Courtyard Junior Suite £445
  • Executive £335

There are of course signature suites at The Baglioni, and these are particularly popular with the London massage escorts you'll find at Butterfly Touch. The Royal Suite is our favourite to be perfectly honest, complete with butler and even your own Jaguar to pick you up and take you out on the town should you wish it. Imagine taking a ride with one of our lovely companions, perhaps to dinner somewhere, or to a show in the West End?

Great service

The Baglioni really does offer the best service you could possibly hope for. All the staff here are remarkably friendly and there doesn't appear to be anything the concierge service won't do for you. Well, when you consider that you're paying these prices, there's really little wonder! The spa also deserves a special mention. The Turkish baths are outstanding and visually stunning, and there are many treatments available to you if you want to indulge. Of course, we would really recommend the treatment you will get at the hands of our Butterfly Touch escorts!


If you're not going out and about, dining at The Baglioni will make you feel like you are anyway to tell the truth; it's top notch cuisine in a wonderful atmosphere. Some of our companions have eaten here and they've all had wonderful things to say about it. The food is distinctly Mediterranean and absolutely wonderful. We would strongly urge you to read some online reviews.

Overall The Baglioni is a truly marvellous place to stay if you're one of those gentlemen that like the very best of the best wherever you stay. And if this is indeed the case, you're likely to want the best London escorts too right?

14 November 2015

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The best massage escort London has to offer, just for you!

It's all very well booking an escort for your time in London, but you want one with specific skills right? Of course you do, you'd be a fool not to! Well when it comes to girls, we have more than you need. But when it comes to the best massage escort London has to offer you… Well…

We have those too of course. It all depends on your preference as far as looks are concerned, but you can count on them all being very good at massage. Most independent escorts and a great number of agencies will tell you that they do sensual massage. Sadly however, this often means that the young woman you book to spend time with will probably rub your shoulders for you and that's it. Let's face it, you can get this from one of your friends for goodness sake; it's hardly a tantric massage!

What type of massages?

Well, when you click on the individual escort profile you'll see a list of her stats, a little introduction and a list of her services. Among these services you'll see what types of massage the girl you've chosen is good at. We take special care to ensure that the girls can indeed perform the sensual massages they say they can. Not only this, we also try to list the ones she loves doing above all else. To get the best massage escort London has to offer, it becomes important to ensure that they actually like doing it!

London massage escort

    • Tantric massage

    • Nuru massage

    • Four hands massage

    • Foot worship and massage

    • Couples sensual massage

    • Soapy massage

Of course if you want something in particular that you don't see listed here or on the website, please just call us, we may well be able to accommodate your needs. It doesn't hurt to ask right?

Proper companions

The girls we list aren't just there to visit your hotel, or for you to call on for a massage and a bit of fun. You can do this of course, but here at Butterfly Touch we'd like to make you aware that our young ladies are all highly professional escorts. This means that they are also experienced and charming enough to take out on a proper date! Anywhere you like too, within reason of course.

Remember, it's not common to get the best massage escort London can offer able to go to dinner with you at The Ritz and converse on a number of different subjects. These women are intelligent, charming and very versatile. Most speak fluent English and they're all very well presented and discreet at all times. It's you they're there for, and they want to make a good impression!

Remember that these girls want repeat bookings!

3 October 2015

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