Take it easy with VIP escorts

Entertaining comes easy to these girls. The entire city is their oyster and they've been to all the best places. VIP escorts are the girls you book when you want a truly memorable evening and you need a professional service…

Professionalism is at the top of the list when it comes to the attributes possessed by VIP escorts. This can mean many things of course, but chiefly among them are: reliability, punctuality, exquisite dress sense and style and the ability to interact with virtually anyone. A professional escort takes her job seriously and she ensures that above all else, the client has a good time.

Allows you to take it easy

Because these type of escorts are so very good at what they do, you don't have to worry about a thing. Seriously, you don't. All you have to do is tell your escort (or agency as the case may be) where you want her to turn up, how long you want her for and you leave the rest in very capable hands. VIP escorts will put you at ease as soon as you meet, they will assimilate into whatever social interactions that appear to be happening and they will enhance your evening no end. These girls really do hit the ground running, so to speak, when they meet you in your hotel, bar or a restaurant; don't worry about a thing.

VIP escorts do not offer sexual services

It's true. In fact, it's true of all the escorts you see on our site (and of course any other agency you see!). None of them are explicitly offering you sexual services, and we as an agency neither expect them to, nor indeed condone it. VIP escorts can handle themselves better than any other companion you could hire online, so you better believe that if you insist on anything with these girls, they will not take kindly to your perseverance! If a courtesan like this decides she doesn't want to do something, you better believe it. If she decides she does want to do anything in particular she will almost certainly let you know.

You see, this is the reason so many clients book VIP London escorts and not simply the standard type. They don't want to have to worry about anything or wonder if the girl they've chosen will be on time and get to the right place. You may also worry that your chosen companion will draw unwanted attention to herself when she comes to meet you. Well, with these girls you needn't worry. They are always discreet and dressed appropriately, depending on what you plan to do

Best thing to do is to relax and take it easy

It really is gents! No pressure and no expectations very often lead to a very good night indeed! Well it does in our experience anyway. It will also help with your nerves if you are suffering a little. One thing that can positively be said about VIP escorts is that they are excellent at calming your nerves; you simply have to let them take the lead!

And you can trust them to do just that. Book now!

23 July 2015

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VIP London escorts at The Wolseley

You'll find The Wolseley at 160 Piccadilly and it's one of the best places in London to entertain VIP London escorts, no word of a lie! When you're booking the company of a gorgeous woman of this calibre, then you're going to need to treat her how she's used to being treated…

You owe it to yourself to dine out in style and you owe it to yourself to take one of the most beautiful and intelligent women in the city with you. We're spending so much time in pursuit of the perfect woman these days that we've almost forgotten to have some fun along the way. And who says you can't get the perfect woman for just one night anyway? VIP London escorts will certainly qualify when we're talking about "perfect!"

VIP afternoon tea?

Alright, you might not be into the idea of having afternoon tea, but afternoon tea with VIP London escorts can be a very enjoyable experience. Imagine if you will sitting down in to tea with one of the most beautiful women in the world. She's wearing a short cocktail dress, some elegant and sexy heels, with perhaps stockings underneath? You can imagine all you want, but you won't get it unless you book!

The Wolseley does traditional cream tea etc. but it also offers a champagne afternoon tea alternative, for those of you who like to start early! When you consider that this, including delicious sandwiches and cakes, is served between 3.30 and 6.30 everyday, you could quite easily move your flirtations with these girls into dinner if you like?

VIP London escorts for dinner?

You could quite easily spend your entire day at this place! Breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and then dinner. But dinner has to be the most romantic time to be wooing a beautiful young courtesan like the ones you'll find at Butterfly touch of course! You can of course simply stroll on into dinner if you wish, but it's not a bad idea to book a table in advance sometimes to avoid disappointment; however, perhaps if you're been sipping champagne in the afternoon you might get preferential treatment!

The menus are varied and full a la carte at lunch and dinner. The menus change seasonally, but if you get the opportunity, do try the Pavé of Turbot with a Béarnaise Sauce! Now we mention it, pretty much everything from the seafood selections is rather excellent, but if you're a true carnivore the Veal Chop with Paris Mushrooms & Sage is a dish that has our vote every time.

Your companion at dinner

Remember that when you're booking VIP companions, you will be in the presence of some of the best escorts in the world, refined with experience and well used to dining at places like this. You can relax completely, safe in the knowledge that no matter who else is coming to dinner, and no matter where you go, these girls will handle themselves with charming professionalism and the utmost discretion. VIP services may come at a little extra cost, but when you experience it first hand, you'll know where that extra money went!

Book your London VIP companion for dinner now…

18 July 2015

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