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A couple of nice boozers we think you should try

22 May 2017

We’re not always about promoting London escorts, as some of you already know. We often share other things on the website that we think might be of interest. For example, we’re rather fond of hotel and restaurant reviews. However, today is about boozers!

We’re not just talking about any old boozers today however, we’re talking about those with something special about them. We’re not entirely sure whether or not you’d like to take a London escort out for a drink in these places, but it’s all about personal taste of course. These places are actually famous in popular culture, so we suppose it would depend how much your London escort knows about popular culture in London or history in some cases. If they’re movie fans you might find that they have a really good time.

The Black Prince – 6 Black Prince Street

No, it’s not the villain from a medieval movie, it’s actually the pub from the movie Kingsman, staring Colin Firth. You may remember the scene where he takes on those brutish oafs in the old English pub? This is the place where that happened. As we said, you might not want to take a London escort here for a drink, but it’s a great place to go on a pub crawl with your mates!

The Royal Oak – Columbia Road

Familiar with The Krays? We sincerely hope you’re not! Having said that, if you are, we apologise for any offence we caused! Seriously though, The Royal Oak in Columbia Road is where Tom Hardy shot the scene where gangster George Cornell is shot in the head. The actual event happened in Whitechapel Road apparently, but The Royal Oak enjoys a nice reputation for being the place where the latest Kray movie – Legend – was shot. So go and have a pint where hard man Hardy shot his scene!

Wilton’s Music Hall – Grace’s Alley

This place was where a scene from Sherlock Holmes was shot. Not the Cumberbatch version, the Downey Jnr movie. So, you can imagine that it’s quite Victorian in atmosphere inside. Whilst you won’t see people with canes, dressed like they’re in the middle of the 19th century, you’ll certainly see the appeal of the place. This one would be one of the more appropriate place to entertain a pretty London escort from Butterfly Touch, so we’d really recommend a few cocktails here.

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