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Best places in London for coffee snobs and London escorts

29 May 2017

We’re absolute coffee snobs here at Butterfly Touch. It seems to have been one of those phenomenon that gripped London in much the same way as it’s always been a part of Italian (or indeed European) culture. Today we’re sharing our favourite places with you.

Now it’s all over the UK, but if you want truly good coffee in this country you need to be in London, where you’re more than likely going to get people who know what they’re doing. London escorts know good coffee too of course, they rely on it to keep themselves awake!

Well, when you’re out all night partying with the girls or a client, you need a little “pick me up” in the morning in order to hit the gym hard. And you more than likely know just how hard our London escorts hit the gym; they like to stay in good shape!

Best coffee shops in London

So, if you’re a true coffee snob, here are a couple of places you really should try the next time you’re in the town. They’re also well worth going out the way for.

  • Kaffiene - 66 Great Titchfield Street. You don’t often associate Australians with coffee, it’s usually the Italians, as we mentioned in our introduction, but this place may actually surprise you. It’s not just the coffee that’s great either, they do fantastic deli type breakfasts, just enough to keep you going all morning. A couple of our London escorts use this place quite a lot, but that doesn’t mean you should pester them! The coffee is fresh and unpretentious, just as it should be. Nice atmosphere, comfortable and great service!
  • Prufock - 23-25 Leather Lane. Want your coffee the way you want it? Of course you do! In much the same way as you want your London escorts the way you want them, this place will custom make your brew so that it’s just how you like it. The baristas here are actually trained, unlike some of those dreadful Starbucks muppets! It’s quite a busy, open coffee shop, without many private places, but it’s really nice in there and as we said in the beginning – good coffee!

Hang out before your London escort booking

Now you know where to get the best coffee in London (in our opinion of course!), you have the perfect place to hang out if you’re a little early for your incall London escort booking. Sometimes it’s better hanging out in a coffee shop, rather than a pub. You never want to have too much to drink before calling on one of our girls, you might have a less than special experience if you’re inebriated!

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