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Are Eastern European escorts a problem?

22 July 2019

In the midst of what appears to be an Eastern European invasion in London, there are still plenty of other girls available. Not that we’re saying an Eastern European escorts are a problem of course. In fact, the majority of them are offering a wonderful service. And this is where some people see the problem. They think that because the Eastern European escorts are so very good at what they do, that somehow the rest of the female London escorts are not. This is most certainly not the case, we can assure you. We have been in this business for a very long time and we know good girls when we meet them. And this is why the girls we have at Butterfly Touch aren’t always changing. We stick to the ones that are consistently good.

That way, you know that when we add new escort girls to the gallery, she’s bound to be good. And this could be a girl from Russia, Romania or anywhere else in the world. We don’t see the nationality of an escort as a deciding factor when we agree to represent them. We only ever look at their appearance, their personality and their attitude. Often their feedback too, if they already have some from a previous agency, or when they worked independently.

Loads of Eastern European escorts

So, are they a problem? No, they’re certainly not. Some of the other girls have complained about the amount of Eastern European escorts flooding the streets of London, but these are not great girls. Anyone who isn’t particularly good at their job, is bound to be upset about someone else coming along and doing it better than them. This is a fact of life. And rather than “up their game,” so to speak, many of these lesser girls tend to just moan and groan about it. Luckily we don’t have any of those girls, because the ones we have know that they’re good at their job, and they don’t feel threatened in any way at all by the Eastern European escorts that have come along.

Smaller agencies are sometimes best

When you have a smaller, friendly and more intimate London escort agency like ours, you tend to only have a few girls working with you. It’s never our aim to have too many girls, we just can’t keep a track of them! So we would much rather have a few trusted and reliable escorts who are great at what they doing. You will find that there are many escort agencies like this, but you don’t always find them when you search in Google. It’s always worth going through the pages when you do a search. The ones on page one are not always the best ones to choose.