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Getting your story straight: covering your London escort meeting

11 March 2018

We hear a number of stories in this business, as we’re sure you can imagine, and a recurring theme seems to be getting caught with an escort. It’s a very rare occurrence, especially if you’re careful, but it does sometimes happen. So we’re taking today’s article to offer you a little insight into getting your story straight!

Let’s face it, having a good story can mean the difference between domestic bliss and divorce in the worst case! Because of the ignorance and intolerance of some people, it can also mean losing your job etc. We don’t live in a world nearly as liberated as we’d like to believe! And whilst it remains in this way, we must do what we can to “stay under the radar,” so to speak.

Staying under the radar

Your story all depends on what type of a person you are really. If you’re in London and you’re booking London escorts at the prices some of our girls are, you can probably come up with plenty of scenarios as to why you would be meeting with or having lunch/dinner with a beautiful young London escorts. She could be some kind of consultant for something, she could be helping you plan an event, she could even be your fitness instructor, or a relative etc. the chances are that you’re not going to be bothered for long by whoever spots you. It’s not very likely that the person who spots you will come along and start a conversation. But if they do, have something ready. Tell them you’d love to chat, but you really should go because you have reservations. A brief introduction of your partner is acceptable, but not even always required.

Be prepared ahead of time

The trick is not to get caught out. If you’re having an outcall booking and going for drinks or dinner somewhere, make sure that you get it straight with your outcall London escort the moment you meet. Whilst they are very professional and can easily improvise, it helps to do some prep. You don’t have to go through a whole “back story,” just tell them who you want them to be for the purposes of the public part of your date. That way you can sit back and relax.

Trust your escort

When it comes to booking female London escorts, like the ones you book through us, you can truly count on them. Some of the girls have even been in this situation before, and they know precisely what to do. They will usually allow you to do all the talking, at least initially, and then they will quickly gather what information you have told the person who has approached you, and play along with the act.

Incall problems

Incalls are usually very straightforward. This is mostly because the majority of you will simply hop in a cab and take it to the girl’s address; nice and easy. However, there are those times when you find yourself walking a certain distance to get to your destination and you may need to explain to someone why you’re in that particular part of town, at that particular time etc. It’s no big deal of course, and it’s a free country, but if you get a nosey work colleague, it’s best to be prepared really isn’t it. Now, your explanation could be practically anything at all. You could even be taking a walk to “clear your head.” Just make sure you’re not on the other side of the city from where you usually are clearing your head; it’ll look strange. In our experience, arguably the best thing to do is to tell the person that you have an appointment. Or even say you have a “personal appointment” and pretend like it’s a medical issue or something. People are much less likely to ask questions about that; especially if you look a little concerned when you say it. If it’s the type of person who is likely to make a big deal out of it elsewhere, then simply say something else. The important thing to remember is to have something prepared.

Never think that you’re doing anything wrong

Remember that just because you have to come up with these little stories and scenarios, it doesn’t mean for a moment that you are doing anything wrong at all. It’s not you, it’s everyone else. They’re the ones with the closed minds. booking London escort is fast becoming a very natural thing to do if you have the money and the free time to indulge.

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